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  • Its okay I have been really busy too. lol
    I only usually only check FB if someone sends me a request or message.
    Yes it is :)
    I come on when I can pretty much but I am always busy with school and other things. My computer sometimes will not let me access this website though and it is frustrating. I am not sure why it does that. I am trying to keep up on the news but it can be difficult. I am usually on YouTube listening to music when I get on the computer. I do not have msn or anything besides FB. XD
    I am pretty busy too. I have never really listened to kpop but I would probably like it I think. I still love KH too of course. I have not been up to anything new really except I just started a homeschool program this week and it is pretty cool.
    Nice to see you too. :)

    Oh haha. I still have my original account. I need to get on more often though. So hows life?
    Hey have not talked with you in awhile! I kinda don`t get on Facebook much anymore -.-
    How have ya been? =)
    I am just kinda guessing you are back since I noticed your new avatar.
    Hmmm... All I could think of is finally finishing my training at the nearest institute. That aside, plenty of family reunions and visiting beaches.

    Totally, but since it's a noitaminA anime it'll likely run for 11 episodes.
    Welcome back :)

    Oh don't worry I remember you alright lol How've you been recently?

    Black Rock Shooter Gets New TV Anime in January (Updated) - News - Anime News Network

    New BRS anime!
    Hmmm... looks interesting but I'm not planning on making one myself anytime soon.

    I also saw Death Master as your avatar there not so long ago, do you like Black Rock Shooter too?
    Well it's good for you at the least. 3 days a week should be enough.

    What's a tumblr?

    School's as easy as ever for me. All's well so far.
    I wouldn't really agree on that completely, but it depends on the lyrics I guess.

    So you aim to be a choreographer?

    A bit tense, but i'll manage. Some awesome new anime for the spring season too. And how's life for you?
    Ah okay. Do you at least know what the message the sang is telling you through subs?

    Cool, what do you like most about it?
    Oh well, life can be a pain every once in a while. =w=

    Sounds like a dandy all-nighter lol
    Neat, do you know Korean language?
    Oh dear, hope that's worked out for ya.

    Awesome to hear, I've been interested in Indie rock nowadays. How was your New Years?
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