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  • You saved me making further "fowl" "foul" mistakes XD I am in your debt~! No longer will birds be synonymous with the gates of hell~!

    83 Squee~! In the mean time I will NOM NOM NOM on some Gaara quotes >:D

    Tonight is a wierd night indeed.

    EDIT: I kicked my story's butt twice this week! There is a fanfic angel nearby that helped me! ;O;
    Oh no that's okay, and my nerves will always do that, I need to get them under control XD

    83 Sure~! I have a schedule now so I'll be able to get them done on time, never again with that omega gap ;A; and everyone makes mistakes, shoot, I don't think I'll ever live down the "fowl" "foul" incident XD
    You doing okay friend? :3 *HUG* And if I've done anything that upset you, please let me know so I can right it ;A;
    OOF~! XD Huzzah! Let the plot bunnies stampede commence~! *0* GOLDEN BUNNIE! GET IT! GET IT~! XD

    Super inspirational amv in honor of Onemanga -> Unbreakable
    And because I don't want to hit the edit button because I fought with it for over an hour - K.h.a. has been updated - Squee~! >X3
    >X3 Vampire jamboree~!

    YES!!! It will now come to LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE <- is hopped up on plot bunnies XD

    Grr, accursed net...BTW onemanga's gone :C

    >X3 teh awesum ^0^ Take your time though, no need to rush art :D
    >X3 Macchi~!


    I have so much catching up to do on Riku's end it's not even funny XD but Kairi's cool at least~

    Squee~! Literary bug is going about, me likey, me likey~ *0* THANK-YOU~!!!! *TACKLE GLMOP!!!* Yeah, I finally used my FFnet account that I've had for 3 years XD "Cef Havoc" and the name will bring the, hold up, "Infinite Crossroads", that's a new one right, or is my memory bugging out on me?
    WHOOOOOO~! That is awesome to hear girl ^0^ *throws confetti~* Macchi~ Macchi~

    New semester is approaching fast - AHH! DX

    I'm progressing on the next part of K.h.a. god I just want to finish 38-5 now before fall XD

    Riku: *sniff* at least there's still August....
    I bring thee a bear hug *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG*

    Fight those animations friend! We'll get through our hardships together! :D
    .....And now FFnet is bugging out like a safari zone........
    I think a higher force is messing with us.....

    Be careful friend ;___;
    GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Computer problems are making me RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEE!!! D:<

    *sigh* can't catch a break can't we? ;-;
    Beta com'pete~! Ugth, I could've got it to ya sooner, but my comp chomp swallowed a bunch of viruses, and then my brother needed complete control of the internet for a while ._.
    :c Don't say that, animation is not an easy road *sends hug* we'll both get through our art rough spots together, you with animation and me with design, ah, I could design you animating and you could animate me as I design! 8D

    Yes, feel the bunneh's power =w=, I'm beta'ing thy chappie as I type ^_^

    D: Oh no!

    Shonen: At least Dag thought it was funny, I personally have to give them props for creativity for the design of the clothes, Mario pulls off the man-fishnet-chest-overalls thing better than I thought.

    Here! Rosa here! Dive into this one! -> 20 year olds acting like 5 year olds XD Grant it, you can bet the flowers I'd be hitting the roof if I played this XD
    One more thing, I bring thee a video, -> WOW I ......will never be able to look at Super Mario Brothers the same way again XD
    I bring thee a golden plot bunny *places golden bunny on a pedastal <- it's 1:40am I iz tired.* It has helped me alot recently, and I hope it brings you the same wave of awesomeness inspiration as it as me :3

    Also, how's everything been goin' down? I'm gearing up for Fall semester. Joy. XD
    Aww, nighty night then friend :3 It's still morning over here, time zones are fun XDDD

    Hey fight's a fight >=D

    Shonen Bat: Tell me about it >.>

    Get those writing juices pumpin'~!
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