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  • It's weird, I get sick from everything from weather changes to even emotions >_< Especially emotions in fact, my nerves make me sick most of the time ;~;

    ^_^ those that get jealous just can't find the spark they need for themselves~ I'll learn what I can with what I have, rawr~
    >:3 I forget, you're going for a career in animation right? Or was it a graphic designer?

    @_@;; OMG yeah, some of the food portion here....I don't know how anyone can eat all that in one sitting, I mean shoot, we're getting two meals for the price of one!

    Have you ever rode a horse before? I have, it was fun, but cheese and rice I was so sore afterwards >_< and the horse they chose for me didn't like me very much XD

    Or the demons from Inuyasha 83 Mmmm~ Seshomaru~

    >>;; my room is also known as the "abyss" because I've got art materials all over the place, and ink spills, paint spills, chalk rub off......and the funny thing is my room is going to get painted in a few weeks XD

    I KNOW RIGHT?!?! This is soooo unfair! But they're probably gonna get Parasyte soon -
    The knights are watching.....
    It's based off the game jeapordy~ but I don't have any questions ready :'( I was just using the ol' subjects from the anime club~ but I do know that like, "The one named Kamina" - all the answers were Kamina XD

    Ah....actually I'm not fine anymore, I've gotten sick again ;~; but, don't you worry about me, I'll try to keep in touch with ya, but it might be a little difficult, so bear with me with my response time, I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)

    Oh no - don't feel guilty for that at all! You are so blessed to have such a great school - learn as much as you can, don't let any drop of knowledge escape you~! Absorb it all! :D

    "Everything's bigger in Texas" is a myth XD the only thing big here is the size of the state~

    O_O Ewwwwwwww!!!! Thank-goodness it didn't get you - I think I'd be traumatized for life x.x

    Oh no, don't feel left out - you aren't missing out on anything, trust me! And don't do the seances - it only calls forth evil spirits because you're giving out an invitation - also, never say a demon's name outloud! >_<

    My mess of a room.......I shall conquer it!....Again!.....Dammit XDDDD

    You know, they took Elfen Lied, but Parasyte escaped o_O What's up with that? I hope Lied comes back, but it had alot of naked scenes - even though they weren't pornographic :/
    I'm not a guy who publicly declares his relationships. Especially since we're talking online and anyone can see. You're a friend so it's better than a stranger noticing.

    So you're not gonna stop teasing anytime soon huh? *Sigh* Fine, go ahead.
    *Sigh* It's alright. I'm not really mad, just extremely embarassed.

    You're a friend, I probably shouldn't have gotten mad like that. I"m sorry.
    O_O oh snap, that's like the Spin-the-Bottle game, err kinda, with Spin-the-Bottle whoever spins it, has to kiss the person it comes to point to DX but at least with the Pocky one, you get to eat Pocky~ XD I have a sneaking suspicion that those in my college's anime club have done this game before XDDD Gah, I'll have to chicken out on that one XD Ho'kay, I've got one, it's called Anime Jeopardy with the sections titled "Gun-dammit" "Theme Songs" "The one named Kamina" "BoyXBoy" and "Manga" XDDD

    It's alright :3 Everything is fine now with the college, although my heart dang-near stopped when I found out about their accusations DX

    Oh I'm doing just fine ^_^ thankies :3, but yeah, please don't tease him about this~

    Ah, the countryside~ It's pretty much flat down here in Texas XD and, wet, with snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakes DX and horses =w=

    XDDDDDD That'll teach that ghost! The ghost encounter I had scared me half to death though ;_; I was cooking in the kitchen when all of a sudden - a ghastly voice whispered in my ear EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA, as if they were trying to say "Eva" my name ;_________;

    I need to find some of my ghost pics and post them up so you can see 'em~

    I hope they keep most of the series at least~ I'm glad Fairy Tail wasn't touched though, shoot, the fanservice in there is borderline at best XD That's what irks me though, Mature manga have got some great stories, it's just, "mature" >>;

    Oh well, shonen jump timez XD
    Ah......I seewutyoudidthar~ ^^; They lurking powers are indeed strong, especially when all ya gotta do is scroll down XDDD You and I can still talk in our conversation boxies 'kay? But James has requested to take the conversations between me and him to P.M.'s~



    *My OC powers are tired, Final was a pain in the butt X_X*

    *0* Oh do tell how your Mom got that ghost back >:3

    SUPER MAJOR EDIT: I have finished Parasyte. Just in time too since Onemanga is being a total [alalallalalala] and taking down all the mature themed manga :C but damn that was a good story! Thanks for recommending it :D *hug*
    Ohaithar Cef! How are you doing?

    *Looks around.* I have no idea what you're talking about. You must be imagining things.
    Silly or not, they're still party games ^0^

    I'm on CH50 of Parasyte.....so many good characters dead......... ;___________________;


    Me: D= Oh no Daggy, shhh, shhh, it's okay, it's okay

    Kickritzue: WAAHHHH!!

    Ritzue: Why are you crying?

    Kickritzue: Because Baby Dag is too~! WAHHH!!

    Rio: Useless.....

    Me: At least the zombies are dead....err...more than dead >>; You need a bag Dag?

    Have you ever had any dreams where t.v. stuff slips into them?

    @_@;; maybe they're ghosts......my family has had some scary encounters with them >_< But ghosts aren't supposed to be able to hurt you, they only can if you let them or something, but then why the scary...? ;__________;
    Say, know any good party games? :3

    Cool, they will help with my therapy after getting finished with Parasyte >_<

    "Tartarus with Parasytes...".........*Downs a box of Coco-Puffs* - I shall not sleep tonight!!! At least not until I'm not the only one in the house anymore~ >>;

    Ritzue: But aren't zombies already dead? Oh I get it - we'll blow those suckers back to Hades~! EVERYONE IN ATTACK FORMATION NOW!

    Rio: They're here.....

    Kickritzue: Where....? I don't sense any - O_O


    Ritzue: My bad....

    You know I feel asleep with a Soap Opera on one time and I like dreamed I was in it, pregnant, with a father that can fly and a family of horses.......I'm sure I was just as confused as you are right now XDDDDD

    Oh I scare very very easily ;_; In fact I'm constantly looking over my shoulder right now because I think there's something in my room with me even though I know I'm here all alone.....I am all alone aren't I....? Why do I have the terrible feeling of being watched...? ;___________;
    *Gets party music goin'* CONFETTI TIMEZ~!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!! ONE MORE TIME!!

    I never finished Rave Master myself ;-; *looks forlorn to the future*~

    O_O......You took on Parasyte, all 64 chapters in ONE DAY....?......I bow to your bravery Rosa, for it far outranks my own *bows* And at least you haven't been lost inside Hollow Castle with the Parasytes.....oh that dream sucked on so many fronts.....


    Me: Senka.....>>;

    Ritzue: Do want to be the front Dag? Rogues are known for going completely apesh!t on the first living thing they see. They're zombies. Fast zombies. Fast Anima Zombies.

    Kickritzue: It's gonna be okay Baby Dag, we won't let anything happen to you :3

    Rio:......It's almost here.

    What's a guilty pleasure of yours? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to ^_^


    Be afraid my friend.....be afraid.........'cause I'm scared too XD
    Reaper: It's pwn time - *slices*~

    And that takes care of that, oh we rock so much as fanfic authors >X3

    The art looks likes its from One Piece to me, but Fairy Tail is by the same guy that did Rave Master~

    True 'dat, I mean Elfen Lied was pushin' it's luck with, what, was it 107 chapters or somethin'? This is only 65 chapters and I'm having to submerge myself in Yugioh and comedian specials to stop the nightmares from creepin' up >_<


    I thought ya might like that :3

    Baby Dag: Bunny... ~w~ *hugs*

    SA: Aww, you don't have to be scared baby Dag, they won't hurt you -

    Ritzue: I sense a dangerous presence near by!

    SA: Say wut -

    Ritzue: Kickritzue! Rio! Prepare for combat - everyone get to safety! A Rogue is coming!

    SA: AHHHH! Everyone hurry! Follow me!

    No offense taken, it's a guilty pleasure of mine and my brother (which surprised me because my brother is the rocker type, I didn't think that she'd be his cup of tea, but I was wrong @_@;; Sometimes I just can't predict him~)

    I'm at chapter 25 now and O M G ........I just can't look away....holy cow the....the slaughter scene in the school...this - this cannot be unseen~! DX

    At least now Hollow Castle's horror will get revamped - I have some special things already in the works for Halloween this year - MUAHAHAHAHAHA~!
    YES~! Hollow Castle has more than enough space to spare~!

    Hollow Castle : I sURe dO~

    Me: Meep....*hides and summons Reaper and Enma*

    Reaper: How fitting to bring me here >>;

    Squee~! I hope it brings you much fun >X3

    I read through chapters 1 and 2, and yeah, so far it is very, very interesting, awesome-interesting in fact :D and the artwork is so retro - I'm luvin' it~! >X3.......But oh god the nightmares XDDDD Anywho I hope to make a bigger dent in it soon, but darn final paper - it won't leave me alooooooooooooooone~! DX

    [SECRET EDIT: I'm reading more of it now....wish me luck~!]

    *Final paper bangs on the outside of barrier* - GAAAH ;A; It's tryin' to come iiiiiinn!!! DX

    I have a present for baby Dag: -> cuteness

    Big goo-goo eyes, my....weakness......*faints* XD

    Oh good, I was worried they might be a little intimidating -

    Ritzue: Oh please, Kickritzue melts upon -


    Ritzue: *facepalm*


    I like doin' the pictures too - personally I'm just too shy XD - Squee~! You went as Xion? Did any Rikus or Roxases (pleh pluralz~!) approach you~? O_O what about Saiixes? ;-;

    Ah, I've been tormenting Coldman with snippets of the future chappie Imma gonna post on the 17th - I shall make that date no matter what~! Would you like to see some snippies?

    And something random, I've found South Light's character theme XD -> O_O Once I bring out her inner Otaku, it'll make more sense XD

    ..........................................[wow this is a long post today huh?].................

    I thought this would be something fun to do, post a play by play shot of me reading chapter 3 of Parasyte~

    -Opening pages- Okay, okay, still cool- nothing scary happening -

    CH3 page 5 - and I spoke too soon DX -

    CH3 page 6 - okay what's he doin' oh he's using his head as a weapon - *scrolls down* - HOLY S**T O_O

    CH3 page 7 - WTF?! I HATE THIS GUY!!!! :mad:

    CH3 page 9 - okay, plot is moving, Shinji must make a choice.....

    CH3 page 12 - Hm, good point Migi...:(

    CH3 page 19 - uh oh, the shonen jump is kicking in, and I smell a fight comin'!

    CH3 page 20 - OMFG it's Guile from Street Fighter! THEY'RE DOOMED!!!

    Ch3 page 22 - Nightmare...images...... DX -

    CH3 page - oh, what the frick - WAH! The server went down....to be continued.... @_@;;
    .....I shall never forgive Kabuto-Roachimaru for touching Itachi's body.......Kabuto shall pay......he shall pay.......


    Do you read Fairy Tail? It's pretty fast paced and a alot of fun >X3 And it reminds me of the good ol' days too *_*......It's just so innocent and fun ;w;

    *Searches for Parasyte, Parasyte......* O_O.....OMG.........Well, I'm gonna have nightmares tonight XD Seriously though, I had to cut away from the second page...I shall read this in the daytime my good friend~! Is this payback for the Halloween chappie of Hollow Castle? XDDDDD

    HURRY ROSA~! IN HERE~! My super secret Inbetwixt realm of manga and anime and awesomeness~!

    Oh Dag~ *pokes* >X3

    I dunno if these are playmates for a child, but they are pretty tame around them, the first one is Ritzue, a Dragon Elite of S.W.A.T. - Special Warfare Anima Teams - she has a brace for her right hand when it got broken in mission and reiforced it with magic that cuts through anything >:3 (she is addicted to whip cream in times of depression) She leads her teams with being the front in battle~

    The Second is Kickritzue, a giant humaniod fruitbat who specialize in martial arts with his legs, so Caprioca is where it's at for him, but he's a total kid at heart, and on Ritzue's special forces team; he specializes in honing out targets~

    The Third is Rio, a Roc bird, has a very serious disposition and always keeps a cool head; he also makes sure that he gets his point across to ya; he specializes in stealth and disarming combatants (he's also on Ritzue's special forces team)~

    That's all I remember for now, wow, I'm gonna go on a memory trip to get them all back~! >X3

    Lucky~ Have you been in any cosplays? Squee for Haruhi~! :D
    *crosses fingers* FMA has certainly been one of the best mangas I've ever read *_*

    Yeah, but at least, maybe that'll enhance the brother's chances of making it out okay, somehow, hopefully >>;

    AH! The Chore Monster, my mortal enemy >:/ Although it's more like the Financial Aid Monster over here, stupid college tuition rising more than inflation DX

    O_O Ah~! So sorry Ashy ^^; and I don't blame him with his bunny obsession, man bunnies are cute~ >X3

    Squee for innocent fireworks~! :D You know, it makes me wonder how some of my OC are doing, I haven't given them an outing in sooooo long, like, wow, I think since I first got to college @_@;; Gah, now I feel old again XD

    Would you like to meet them? :3

    Totally, writing from a young child's POV is awesome possum fun 'cause you get to throw out 'adult' tendencies and find that innocent and playful spark within you once again ;w;

    Ney, have you seen any good cosplays lately? Lookie herez-> Cosplay fun timez~! :D
    That'd be a twist if Edward became Immortal.....and if he gave his brother back his body, then that would mean that he.....would have to watch his brother grow old without him and die ;_____________________;

    Maybe Nevermore is right though, I dunno, as long as Edward doesn't die, I'll be happy, shoot, though somehow, even though thier daddy is immortal, why do I have the strange feeling that he will die? O_O....:(

    *giggles too* :3

    YESH~!!! And they can also fry my Final Paper for being such a pain to write! GEEZE~! You have no idea how badly I want to post a new chappie for K.h.a :(

    Awwww~! Ashy seems adorable, here, I've got a present for her, it's a bunny plushie~! :3

    Odd though that a God of Rebirth can blow up stuff though, powah: It is powerful >X3
    ;-; but if Edwards's a stone, that means his life is shortening by an increment of 2 years for the length of time he is one~! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH- !!! He's gonna die! DX

    I hope you're right ;~;

    *faceplams selfs* How can I forget that I'm a fanfic writer? XD Oh Father, yeah, your a** is toast, it's Hollow Castle Timez


    Me: I think after the awesome sauce team does away with you, the Lady shall her way with you, as you know, nothing ever dies in Hollow Castle~ BUH-BYE~!
    Ah, thankies Pikachu :3

    Pikachu: Pika pika ^_^

    "Edward's a philosopher's stone"...."PERMANENTLY"...... :O Wait....where does it say that? I can't find it @_@;; I thought he just changed himself for a bit like when his body got stabbed by that giant metal thing O_O....

    So long as Father doesn't blow Baby Selim away though >>; That kamehameha blast, I think, is going to kill Ed, or at least someone ;_;

    And if that happens, if Edward dies.

    There will be no where safe in heaven or hell or an Inbetwixt Realm. Father will pay. Oh, oh shall he pay.

    F**K YEAH~!!!! THE SECOND GURREN LAGANN-HEN!!!! (by the way I was laughing so hard watching Lord Genome's leet hacking skills XD )

    Father: Oh ho. Do you honestly think this is enough? I have something the likes of you can never trample, nor even hack, for it is the very essence of hack and troll.

    Us: WUT?!

    Father: Plot armor of Sasuke and Aizen.

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