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  • Hey Chill, should I not see you during the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

    Your welcome, Chill! xD

    Maybe we are magic? Or great minds think alike! That's great to hear! Witch Hunter Robin was one of my favorite anime's to watch as a child. I used to watch Scrapped Princess, which was pretty good when we got to the dragoons and peacekeepers. :3 In that case, I hope you enjoy the TP remake on the Wii U. I hear it's selling like hot cakes. lol. I'm cashing in for a PS4 and Persona 5 for next year. (Really can't wait to get my hands on FFVII:R tho.) Not much one can do, once their game is lost except to replace it.

    Thanks for the compliment. ;3 So anything major on your list for Christmas? Is it warm in Australia right now? Whoa! I didn't know you liked kayaking! I kind of like it, but I get easily stuck into things on rivers. xD Well, we usually clean right before Thanksgiving then celebrate with family until the following day, which we go shopping on Black Friday. (I went this year and got everyone their presents.) Yup, we chop up a turkey we got from the grocery store and cook it in a deep fryer outside.

    I'm happy you joined CLASSIC! I really hope to see you post soon, since there's been some activity in there lately. XD
    Whoa, I haven't seen you in ages! Good to see you, Chill!

    Funny enough, I started watching Witch Hunter Robin yesterday, then your message popped up. Strange coincidence, eh? Let me know what you think of it then! Yup! I saw the news on Nintendo Direct! The LoZ: TP looks way better than the previous versions of it on Wii and Game Cube! I'm equally excited for Cloud as well, but I have to repurchase SSB on the 3DS, since my copy got lost by my little sister. (I'll be there to pick up the pieces of you then, since I wouldn't want to leave you destroyed by the franchise of FE. xD)

    To be honest, I've been offline a lot and only popping on the forum when things interest me. Therefore, don't worry about vanishing, because I was doing the same thing for the past two months now. (Nothing to forgive, because you're awesome, and have nothing to worry bout!) I've been doing okay, nothing major has changed other then kickboxing classes and watching RWBY and Gravity Falls. Otherwise, life is bout the same as its always been. Just preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas like usual. How about you?

    There's this one here, or there's this one. A lot of the other RP's have come to a stand still, so these two are the only ones that come to mind. I'm not in Traces, but I am in CLASSIC. Just pick whichever you find interesting enough to join. ;3
    That's good to hear. C:

    What kind of holiday projects? Well, its good to know you don't mind. Wow, so you're like a sophomore. :3 Well, I wish you the best in figuring out what you want to do in the future, but you've got loads of time before you have to settle on something. It'd be pretty cool if you could do a book series or million dollar business. lol. Hmm, if you have enough ambition, I imagine you can do anything you set your mind to.

    Thanks, Chill. I kind of miss Skully now. Haha, I like how mine is more exceptional.
    It is funny to trick somebody like that enough to make them angry about it afterwards. I believe you there, since it sounds like a fun time. So, the girls play D&D with you too? That's good you get along with girls, and consider one a best friend. As for myself, I'm friends with guys more than girls for whatever reason. I don't think I have a girl best friend before.
    I shall tread carefully then! Thanks for the warning.

    Its alright if you haven't read any other manga, Chill. =3
    Yup, nice weather indeed. Everyone has pumpkins out or halloween decorations over here. Whenever I ride my bike, I try to see as much of it as I can, because I like those kind of things. Plus, I had to take care of the gardens today, because with it getting cooler we don't want out plants to die. The wild onions we have were annoying to cut back, and they make your skin itch really bad. xD Whoa, a whole mix of seasons in one day is freaking amazing and terrifying.

    Whoa, you have a better nickname than I do! I always wanted to be somebodies senpai! What flavor Doritos do you like? Any sweets in particular? How do you like your chicken cooked? I hope these aren't weird questions. lol. And if they are weird, then you can consider me weird, because I know I'm weird. xD ooh, fried rice is delicious! I've actually made home fried rice and kept getting compliments on it today. <3 And you should totally comment in the Food Wars thread! lol. What do you think of Shokugeki no Soma? I like to eat egg rolls, sushi, and tacos or cheeseburgers. I'm not overly crazy about chicken or pork too much, because we eat it too often or there aren't any good dishes to be made out of it per se, because everyone is too lazy to make better dishes out of them. :c
    Tokyo Ghoul is said to be really good. Heck, my younger sister happens to read and keeps pestering me to read it too. xD One-Punch Man is said to be really awesome, and I've read a few chapters of it. Do you want me to recommend manga to you then, Chill?

    Boy oh boy, quite a tough question you're asking me there, Chill. I don't have solely one favorite anime. I like too many of them. I guess my top six would be Shokugeki no Soma, Black Butler, Kill la Kill, Black Bullet, Durarara, and Witch Hunter Robin.
    That's great to hear you're doing good and staying atop of school work! =D You're welcome!

    Whoa, one heck of a story you made there, Chill. I wish I could've joined it, because it sounds hilarious towards the end when one of your friend's became a ghost after killing the wrong person. xD

    Wow, you guys get a lot of holidays for going year round. How many years left of school you got, Chill? If you don't mind me asking? ('u')

    I disagree bout it being a shame. xD Less work for me and more work for the wicked.
    Spooky skeletons are awesome. I remember naming a skeleton "Skully" because, it was funny to me at the time, and I grew attached to a miniature one I used to use to play with my younger sisters. :3 He was part of a pirate crew and had super powers, and would help rescue a princess or two. Goodness, all that bare hand fighting to become a werewolf and he didn't get to be one in the end is hilarious. x'D Having arguments like those would be fun to watch and partake in for sure! Are all of your friends guys? Okay, I'll keep my eye out for your description in the future, Chill~

    Nah, it's alright. :3 I like to read One Piece, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, Durarara, and Shokugeki No Soma. I might read Tokyo Ghoul next, except both of my friends want me to read Tower of God and World Trigger. (I can't catch a break with these two. xD)
    Well, we're starting to have fall weather now, which breaks out the pumpkins, apple picking, and hot cocoa. I'd say it'll be winter by November/December most likely because, it changes every year here in Michigan. Sometimes we see snow early and other years, it takes until the following year for it. Already, there's talk of Christmas presents and such. Thanks for saying so! C:

    What kind of things do you like to eat? What manga do you like to read, when you have the time?
    I'm doing good, thank you for asking! How about yourself since the last time we talked? =3

    The FFVII news was my favorite part of E3! It'll be cool to have a remake! Did you ever finish your D&D murder mystery adventure? When will you be on holiday again? Does school go year around by where you live? =3

    True, anything with a high rate or review usually means games/tv shows/movies and ect. is good to go with. So, I get that completely.

    Well, I think Arcana has come to a complete stop. What's taken place of it is the Traces RP Takushi Rena has made. There are still a few original RP's around, but I threw in the towel with Arcana and sticking to original RP's for now.
    A spooky skeleton running around would make a fantastic story and entirely unique compared to half the things I read nowadays. =3 You're welcome! I'm happy you can make adventures with your friends, even if they don't all agree on the same thing. Do they take turns then? If we ever meet in real life by chance, you'll have to teach me how to play it. *u*/

    Let me know if the manga of Evangelion has a better ending than the anime. I might pick it up if that's the case. Thanks! I'll be going to college in the winter it seems. I'm leaning towards web developer or something to do with security.
    Long as it's not as bad as here I'm in. ;A;

    I think we just got a script for the western Phoenix Wright movie.

    I like some of the new ones to an extent but I just dont want him to drag intros out much longer. YES, YES HE DOES. I'm waiting for Urie to be the first former human to go full ghoul crazy solely because of himself.
    I've heard both good and other things about Australia. Is it at least stupider than America?

    More like:

    I get that feel but he's running out of old ones to show us haha. I'm not to interested in new ones myself.
    Yeah go right into the gutter. lol
    Srsly I wish I could leave.

    I couldn't take the jail system. Instead of the defendant you'd find me cursing out the judge and any other politician for their idiocy and how flawed the system is.

    You can totally tell we're being teased with it but I'm tired of the tease. TnT
    Damn straight yo. This series art is always top.

    haha Then let me put it this way. Google school rankings and you'll find America near the bottom among "first world countries".
    It's double edged sword at times too. I literally have no filter for my words. lol

    Your friend is a wise being for finding it first. Truly truly wise. My only emotional trauma is the amnesia lol
    I find the war blogs funny since they are usually stupid sh*t haha. I block the social fools. I mostly find art on it, like this one: 【王国心】「RWBYコスしてもらった。」イラスト/絳桜@亀更新 [pixiv]

    It's damn sad tbh. Do you know just how low americas schools rank worldwide? It's no wonder people graduate not knowing how to do sh*t.
    I was never bullied or a bully either thankfully. Kinda surprising given how I talk bluntly with people. haha

    haha Izaya.
    (meh dont worry about it)
    lol Oh. I'm surprised you haven't found a better version then. Tumblr is a Tokyo Ghoul art haven.

    I hope it is. It hasn't been worth it for me yet but that's me.
    I was never all that good at math haha. It is one my scourges. That would be SUCH a much more useful class than motherfucking algebra was. As a working person I can tell you right now, in all honesty, that the only things I learned in school that have been useful to me in daily life is basic math and reading/writing.
    Everything else is such a waste of a persons time. Aside from math and rethimetic all else you gain that's crucial is social skills. Though this only applies to those that dont get bullied or are bullies. They lose this lesson thanks to the idiocy of others.
    Hm...have you tried tumblr or deviantart for a better version? D=

    It was only for a day. I get to go to bed early and wake up early now then I get two days of freedom. TuT
    Ugh Math. I hated that. They give you shit that a scientist could only make use of.
    Then have more!! Watagashi's corner

    I would believe it haha. It's nice as it is though I think.

    I'm okay I suppose. Just got free of work. ;n;
    How about you?
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