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  • Wow, I didn't realize a whole year practically went by between us. :O In the meantime, I wish you a early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Any thoughts on how 2016 turned out? xD

    Yeah, sometime after Christmas, I'll go for a PS4. Well, that makes me confident to want to own one. Well, despite it being delayed till April 4th, I'm equally looking forward to it too. Well, Persona 4 is really good. I haven't tried Persona Q myself. FFVII:R, I'm hoping the rumors turn out to be true that it'll be out next year. xD Well, I think buying each disc individually would make the waiting more bearable than waiting for it all to be out at once. Although, it could cost more to wait till all of them are out at once, but there could potentially be a bundle for it, maybe? Would be cool if there was.

    I wonder what you'll get this year for Christmas? =3 And I can't really remember what I got last year, but this year, I'll most likely get FFXV. <3 (Also, how are you? How is life?) Also, I've never had prawns. Is prawns related to sea food or meat? I didn't go to Black Friday this year, but usually, it's crowded, some people get trampled, people let out their worse selves to get holiday presents on sale, and ect. Therefore, I kind of agree that it's like a shopping apocalypse. xD

    Edgar is a cool name for a skeleton.
    That's why I was intending for it to be just me and you shooting back and forth off of each other. Anything semi-serious looks to deflate quickly, and anything quarter-serious becomes convoluted so quickly that I cannot be bothered even trying to understand where the story is at (see, Arcana).
    Less moral wise, more ethically. Had no political standings, didn't do shit. Outside of Hell is that actual layer, mostly consisting of angels that didn't choose sides in the Battle in Heaven.

    Plus first layer of Hell is Limbo, which is basically all the cool dudes that didn't commit sin and were good people, but also did it before God was a thing.
    Of course, Dante has a few more layers than 7. 9 in Hell, plus the people who didn't do anything good or bad in their life. 9 in purgatory, for those who repented before they died, but didn't really 'work it off' per se, with the Garden of Eden resting atop the mountain that is Purgatory. Heaven gets confusing doe
    It's sort of the basis of everything you hear about otherworldly travels nowadays. Seven layers of Heaven & Hell being the most important elements.

    Plus the centre of Hell is a frozen wasteland, which was an interesting twist.
    The poem. I'm analysing it for English Ex. It's not going too well.

    On that note, I wouldn't be objecting a roleplay built on a Divine Comedy sort of context.
    Hahahaha, it was pretty good. I mostly liked when he killed the guy with the ice-rink roller.
    I don't know, I have an IQ of 146 according to some free online test. I wouldn't really trust it however. I am miles ahead at my school, though.
    Nah mate, as public as Centrelink. Probably lower socio-economic class too.
    At one of the Christian schools nearby there's an official role as leader of prayers or something similar. Get keen to pick that one up next year bud. I'm sure you make a riveting delivery of sermons.
    I have research topics within subjects, like for Legal Studies I'm given free range choice to examine a particular faucet of law in detail. At the moment I've chosen prostitution but it's pretty lame, so I'll probably switch into something more gruesome and exciting later. Otherwise, in any science (pure or social) there are plenty of opportunities to research whatever topic I would like.

    How's the programming going? What language are you writing in? Keep enjoying that theism, bro. ;)
    Cheers bro. What is a research project? Like is it a big overarching thing, or just on an assignment basis? If the latter, we have those, but not in the case of the former.

    Anyway, got to pack it in for the night. Sleep is key this year. Continue chatting tomorrow, good Sir.
    I accelerated Ancient History over the last two years so that I would complete 12 Ancient in Year 11.

    So I have 7 OP (OP = Rank score, but 1 = genius, 25 = rocks are smarter than you) Qualifying Subjects:

    English (topped class last year)
    English Extension (new class, run outside of school, crazy-ass analytic shit going on here)
    Math B
    Math C
    Legal Studies (topped last year)
    Ancient (already complete, near perfect grade [VHA9], topped both years 12 & 11)

    Best 5 Subjects are selected and used to calculate OP.

    I'm in a school which is really hard to get a good OP, because OP relies on your whole school average. My whole school is pretty average. I was offered scholarships at three other schools but Mum wouldn't let me go, because she wanted me to connect to my roots.

    I'm currently predicted an OP 2, but because of the way that they mark my Ancient History, and the fact that English Extension is only available in Year 12, I could bump a 1 if I put in the hard yards. Shit's rough, though. How country is Port?

    Do they really still care about that whole Catholic thing? Or just for the purposes of what-cha-call-it prayer group is a compulsory subject sort of thing?
    I've been pretty good, just grinding my way through this last year one step at a time. How about you? It's been an awfully long while, but I think I could be back, now.
    Brother, what do you think about making a simple duo roleplay between yourself and I?
    Brainstorm over the next week or two, come up with an agreed groovy concept and just post and flow as we can?
    But if it is him, I don't think he'd be too compliant with the other ghouls. And if he is, I bet he's probably gone through the same thing as Seidou Takizawa.
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