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  • this is gonna sound real strange, and i don't know you at all... but i have a necklace like that in your avvi. O.O
    lol thats what i plan to major in. I have to work hard to change colleges soon! I might have to do an extra year too since my community college sux so much >.<
    ah i see lol its good to go to a 4 year college so theres not transfering back and forth and stuff like that lol
    I didnt get into the one i wanted to though... I have to try again next spring :(
    Yeah I actually do feel much better about it ^^ thanks!
    Oh thats good! and lol yeah it does but you'll get used to it ^^ I changed my major to Graphic Art Production.. hopefully I can get into this other college ^^;
    yeah ur right ^^ but I guess right now since Ive been hurt so much I dont want to take that chance >:
    oh thats good! what classes are you looking into?
    lol thanx ^^
    Its hard for me to just trust people in general.. I mean.. people are capable of anything ._. but thanx I hope things get better real soon too ^^
    btw, have chosen a college yet?
    lol yeah ^^;
    well if ur willing to hear me out.. Im just having problems determining who my real friends are and the people that actually care about me... Ive actually always had that problem.. when people get comfortable enough to think that I'll always be there for them and they turn around and treat me like shit... *sigh* so for the past I would say 3 years I really havent been myself completely.. and its taking its toll on me and now my health as well.
    Wow, those sound like awesome beaches. I've never been to a real beach except for that one time....but that was like a long time ago! Wildwood, just sounded more like a camp to me though. XD

    Yeah, my wisdom teeth. You should before it grows out fully. Trust me, it'd be better that way. And it was painful at first but eating soft foods, icepack, and letting it recover should help. I was swelling for the first few days but I was oddly also healing fast as if I didn't feel any pain at all! It was like a miracle, so it turned out good. Downside, I miss the crispy, crunchy foods. D:
    Yeah. True. That part I will be looking forward to. But hopefully I'll like it. >_<

    Oddly I've been invited to Graduation parties and I couldn't attend any of them. Well except for one. I feel so bad. D: Oh that's cool. Is Wildwood a camp and Sea side a place like a water park place? Sounds cool. I was going to go on vacation but I'm getting my wisdom pulled out. Yuck. Otherwise, anime-watching spree and thinking about making graphics and just hanging out with my friends before I hit college and get a part-time job!
    Yeah, it is. House does make sarcasm sexy, I've noticed. XD

    Anyway, dreading college because unlike most people I know (not all but most) who seem to like to go along the way to their colleges and so forth, I'm kinda feeling that my youth is fading in some ways. But other times that college is going to have high-expectations and although I was ready to graduate and all, there are some things I might have to try and adjust. So it's kinda hard to explain but it's really more of 'Eh more responsiblities?' I guess you could say I'm indifferent to it but yeah..

    Oh that's good. Glad to hear. Going anywhere or doing anything over the summer.
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