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  • I'm doing good. :) Been offline for a while myself. Getting back into the swing of things. xD
    Hello. :) I see we haven't talked much, but I think you're on my friends list lol. How are you?
    Was it a pleasant surprise? You can never have too many friends on the internet. In real life it'd be a lot more difficult to manage.
    the news said nothing about the earthquake or the aftershock hitting the philippines.. so there's really one thing to worry about.
    the news said a few hours so maybe your friend's right. let's hope the effects wont be as destructive..
    yeah it's horrible. now they're saying the tsunami's gonna hit the philippines... people around here are worried to death
    oh hey! it's been a while! :D

    im great, just recovered from a recent fever and now im up and running lol
    how about you?
    Well okay then. We shall talk another day! I'm gonna go soon probably... It's 3am here... =P
    We never done raffles here ever! Sounds like you have more fun then when I was in school.
    Yeah I stopped coming on for awhile and then I just came back on and started posting. You need to post a little a day and you'll be there in no time. What do you want your name to be??
    Oh I see. Well you are now! You need to try and make premium too! I just made it like today. Gosh it takes forever...
    Yeah it does. I still haven't got all the friendship commands either. The commands are more than the actual battles you fight in there. So you have to go back and do them over and over again to buy them...

    Oh yeah?? Why weren't you on??
    Yeah he's my strongest too, he's so cool. Oh right haha to get the friendship commands you have to buy them in the mirage arena. They are the ones with the Mickey symbol right??
    Yeah that's all you have to do. Each time you'll level up to go on to the next arena mission. Yep your right. You have to do everything in Mirage arena. Then it will count for your completion.
    Haha omg me too! I did that dumb mistake of not doing it on a harder mode so now I'm stuck with having to get 100%.

    What percent do you have?? I'm at 91%.
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