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  • Hm~... I think like, 30? At most 30.
    They weren't that expensive. It was just at the House of Blues.
    Long trip buses and trains actually don't cost that much. You have like, a year to save up.
    Oh god I totally agree~. But yeah I love this. ;~; I love him so much. I wanna see him live again already. He performed this song at the concert.
    Now whenever I see the title I just remember him saying "what the F-CK is my name?"
    Oh jeez I never did homework in school. I was terrible about homework.

    Well, I did what I could in school/felt like doing...

    but at home it was just... bleck.
    Yeah, that's a good reason. I mean, mine is full time and stuff but I don't know how I'd be able to fit school in this schedule if I tried. I'd have to switch to part time just to fit it in...
    Sometimes you have to call them back about that. Say you're still interested and would really like to joint h e team or some shit.
    Yeah... but I still have fun. And it's an actual job soooo I'm finally getting PAID for once. ._.
    Ah, fun. D: I have work~. I got a job but aaaah I'm so tired from it all. ;~; They hired me when they needed to check expired dates and stuff throughout the store... We're doing candy right now. ._.
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