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  • gasp dragon ball Z! i forgot about their hair. and people say sora's hair is gravity defying. and i wasn't cursing. it wouldnt let me write the wod snicker for some reason with a little star thing next to it.
    Nah, no offense taken! Usually don't mind cursing as long as it isn't racist. lol the hair...XD Any other anime's you've looked at? Looking at Dragon Ball Z at the moment.
    lol Used to watch Bleach but lost interest XP Trying to get Yu Yu Hakusho mangas at the moment. Ever seen the show or read the manga?
    Your welcomes! Ditto on the anime fan and American too XD Haven't watched too many shows lately but I go for action/adventure and some fantasy animes. How about you?
    Well thanks and your welcome! Just asking out of curiosity. You sound like you'd make a good friend yourself =)
    Then your old account might have been deleted considering you've typed in your password and screen name without success. And you do that by going to your user CP, look at the column on the left, and click "Edit Signature".
    Apparently you're having account trouble? I assume your old account was made some years ago? Between 05 and 07? If that's so then it was probably wiped along with the other old accounts. However, if this was recent then an admin can retrieve your password and profile so you can use the former account instead of this one.
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