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  • Unlucky mate D: you gotta do some revision of course lol and hope it goes well with the rest. Thats what I did but it didnt go good either =/ Gonna try and learn near everything for my last one/
    xD there's one in my album. just one though.>,>;;

    gah, nothing much, really. watching the usual anime. (though i haven't got the update for newer episodes, they have a (sucks,really) dubbed version on tv.)
    Revision, or at least trying to. Been ill as well so cant focus that much, doubt this exam is gna go good cz nothings going in. Have to wing it D:
    Lol if only. Im not a drinker myself and have hardly ever celebrated any of my birthdays. Long thing lol but im used to used to it.
    hmm...well. it's just a starting tablet. you know, not the ones for experts. xD i'm still trying to be good at it. xD;;;
    Its on your birthday?? thats gay man! but no worries bro, after you get it done and smash it, you can party! lol ;D

    I accepeted ;)
    Thanks. xD

    well, i've just recently got new batteries to make my tablet live again. so i'm planning to go some fan art again...or something. xDD
    Kuran, then. ^-^

    I've been doing great~!
    I've been accepted to Organization XV's RP~! *confetti cannons* I'm so happy~!
    Seriously?? haha wow! :D didn't expect to find another brum on these forums. Thats cool man.
    They found ya as well? Shit man, gotta be careful these days.
    Good luck with the exam ;) you'll be alright, jst keep your head down and revise ;)

    You can find my msn address in my contact info here ;)
    Lol thats alriight man, makes sense now. Thats alright though, as long as she aint bothering ya know more init, its cool.
    Yeah I know what you mean, like me lol, i should do something productive in my free time. Thats the problem though, don't even get any anymore these days.
    Damn, people tried tracking ya? Bloody hell, yeah best to keep it to yourself and jus tell those you trust privately. Whereabouts in England are you from though? Im in the Birmingham ends.

    lol. Not much really, always busy during the weekends with work so dont get the time to get on or have fun. But this week Im free but got revision to do =/
    Talking talking? lol what does that mean?
    Basketball and Karate practice eh, thats cool, your a busy man lol. You younger than 17 are ya. I woulda guessed around that lol. Hm 15-16 then maybe?
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