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  • Lol, fingers crossed bro. It was a bit umb though how Ichigo got back to normal just like that. Better be a good explanation for it, cuz I wanted Rukia to come in and use her magic to bring Ichigo back. IchiKia fan lol.
    Ah right I see, well she best be leaving you alone now then. Just ignore her bro, she'l get over it sooner or later.

    Life is erm, well its ok I guess, could be better. Finally free of assignments, just 2 exams to go and its a long summer break for me. What are you upto? U at college? Uni?
    I always did want Ulquiorra to join them, that could still happen. He does have feelings for Inoue and it would be good if they had em together.

    Sorry to hear that man, hopefully they dont turn out that bad. Just talk with her or something and explain, if you were good friends im sure she'll understand and stuff. Getting friends involved does make it worse =/ But yeah we'll be alright bro ;)
    Lol good! Got enough of em round here. Half my mates who I play football with are Man U fans and half are Liverpool! Gets crazy when we go into a footy converstation!!
    Yeah he was my fav too. A friend of mine made some good points and found that there is a way he can be bough back. Back in one of the chaps basically it says Inoue's power ws so great, that she could resurrect anything even it turned into ash! Interesting.,lol she knows her shit.
    Cheers bro, hope you like it. I kinda messed up in the first chaps or so with my grammer, only realised after I put it up. Pisstaker aint it. But rest is good. At least I think lol.

    Yeah im not too bad I guess. You know how it is. life can be up and going well and then down. Stressful times now with Uni assignments and exams and financial stuff too =/ Bt im fine. How about you man?
    Ah dont worry man, if u got the sikill you'll always be good ;)
    Whaa!! You had to be a Man Utd fan didnt ya! Rivals! You may be winning the league bt we are right on your tail and we beat ya twice this season :D lol
    I never got round to watching Naruto but I heard it was really good. Oh man the Bleach manga, unbelievable! Did not expect Ulquiorra to go out like that, I still have a hunch that its not the end of him, we'll see ;)
    Haha its cool man, I havent even posted in the KH section for well over a year.
    Yeah its the same with me, I've only ever wrote that one fic and I do wanna finish it. When I get the time to I will. I think I did alright if i say so myself lol, its sort of an action fantasy story based on Ancient Japanese times about a samurai warrior. Thats all I'll say for now lol. Heres the link to it on this site I uploaded it on.
    http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2612921/1/The_Forgotten_Warrior toggle the chapters with the tab on the top right side ;) cheers man.
    Ah you a b-ball geez are ya ;D cool cool. I used to play a little back in school but wasnt that great at it lol.
    Im a Liverpool supporter! Been following them for ages. Love football man, gotta big passion for it.
    My fav anime has got to be bleach man, that is just brilliant. I've watched loads of others bt am just following that one at th mo, What about you?
    Course I played KH lol, thats why I joined here ages ago XD Awaiting the new releases.
    You write too eh? cool cool. I wrote a fic a while back which I still havent finished. If you ever wanna check it out let me know ;)
    Cheers ;D
    Weell you know, gaming, anime. biig football fan, quite a lot of sports really and also writing.
    What about you man?
    nothin much just pulled an all nighter last night for some church fundraiser.and now im at work so imma bit tired... you?
    hey life is good.... just went through a little emo phase a couple days ago but now im fine....
    whadda bout you?
    yes in real life lol what u didnt think i could get one? xD

    get this my name is Brian and hers is Brianna lol we love the same things and we almost look alike lol and her B-Day is a day after mine ^^
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