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  • From what I hear people start to cry because they claim that he is truly a blwohart throguthoutt he battle. I wanna see someone on youtbe making a video using Valor Form sora and tirng to beta both Vexen and Lexeaus
    Yeah! That's what they say! The people that paly him claim it's the shield that's the most diffcult to beat have you palyed him before?
    Yeah Haxons hair is like mine too, except my hair isnt parted with a zigzag and doesnt have orange in it.
    Btw Haxons hair is about shoulder length, but a little longer.
    Ok I will try to get a hold of a camera :D
    And Haxon has his hair parted like a zigzag kind of in the middle, but more to the right, with Brown hair with orange streaks in it.
    It's ok it's not your fault I can tell your new! Btw welcome in warning thought here lots of ignorant dumba sses here so be on the look out! and you don't seem like a noob to me you seem really intelligent.
    Haha, sounds pretty neat!
    Once I get a new scanner, Ill show you a picture of the Masume asap :D
    You should do the same with your chainstaff. I wana see it :D
    Sounds awesome :D

    The chainstaff is confusind... and I drew many pics of it but dont have a camera.

    In the muddle of the poll that connects the chainsaws it can split in half and Haxon can use 2 chinsaws, 1 in each hand!
    Also he can make it levitate and doesnt always have to hold it since its metal.
    I controll Nothingness.
    My weapon is a Masume, Like Sephiroth's, but is formed around the Nobody symbol.
    I designed it myself.
    It looks pretty bad ass imo
    Btw click on my username or view conversation and then type and post your messages.
    Haha cool! Only 3 of my other friends are in my organization, Geoxid, Monixa and Willimax.

    Haxon controls Metal and uses a chainsaw/staff like weapon, a chainstaff!
    Monixa controls Poison and uses a bow and arrow
    Geoxid controls Sand and uses a flail(ball and chain)
    and Willimax controls Wood and uses a Whip!
    Hehe, yay!
    And yes sir it is!
    Me and 12 of my friends started a comic book with us being the new Organization XIII.
    We all are pretty good manga artists, so we drew ourselves.
    And my name is Delxian.
    Real name is Daniel.
    Hehe, Dork powerrr! :D
    Well your lonely days are over!!! Haxon is here to save the day!

    Btw is Delxian your Nobody name? Haxon is mine(real names Noah) :D
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