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  • Isaiah! Liesl is going to New York! next year!
    you and sho and kasumi and obito have to stick around for me! lol
    lol that's the big news! so you gotta come back...
    DK you must come back soon </3
    taa has news! but idk if it's good or bad xD
    lol sho isnt a bum! he's just a monkey XDD and we all know how they can be! lol jk <333
    i'm not hiding! lol u must see me now! *jumps up and down trying to get his attention*
    hehe <333
    ahhhhhhhh i c! WOOOO
    buggle is back and now its time to PARTYYYY!!!! WOOOOO lol tho i guess its too late >.> *3:05 am* damn XD
    buggle... taa misses you :(
    u havent been on for a long time
    everyone misses you <3
    Hey hey hey, your birthday is TODAY!!!! We tried to call a certain someone at 12 today but they didnt pick up their phone. :(

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (again lol)
    Umm...Happy Birthday(I mean Happy unimportant Day lol)And maybe if you picked up your phone you would have heard from Kasukade earlier.
    demon squirrel without time ferret is like life without happiness .- _ -.
    lol you dont even know how much taa has missed juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu buggle
    we should steal away monkey and blue jay and take them for a TTG day :) yay!!!
    parteh~ lol
    Get your arse back on KHI now Denki lol.

    You're the disgrace to Kasukade not me.You're never on anymore so yeah.
    hm, yes, i do agree <3
    even taa comes on sometimes! XD
    wakey wakey love!! come and see the bright shining faces of TTG!! :D
    we miss ju .- _ -.
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