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  • I didn't 'cry' but... I was seriously sad. Like honestly sad. It just felt way too final... And I know he [Nomura] said KH3 would only be the end to the Xehanort saga but still... And... The voice actors themselves... Like Haley Joel Osment.... It's just.. I guess it's a generational thing? Maybe? But at the same, I haven't played a single KH game without being extremely sad (Minus KH X on the iPhone... Cause I just couldn't become sad with that app...)
    Haha, same here! I got the deluxe addition which came with a tony book thingy, and it even has Nomura sorta apologizing for the long wait.
    I know! I feel like an old relic... I mean, it's been a 10 year thing... Freakin' 10 years! I will then! Haha, once I'm finished setting it up we can add each other. Might want to wait a few days before that though. Huge winter-storm where I am, and the internet is going whacko.
    So did you get KH3?
    I don't actually, but I'm thinking I should make one. Everyone is has one these days. And yeah, haha. Seriously we do. We're some of the OG's of this place.
    Haha, yup! I'm actually trying to get my old account un-banned which shouldn't be hard considering I'm the one who asked for the ban. Stupidly. Anyway, how are you? And did you get KH3?
    Hey! Long time no talk! It's been awhile - I'm Restricted, the guy right below you... Probably not a great idea to ask to be banned... Haha...Anyway, since it's been 6 years, I take it your bought or are hyped for KH3??
    Haha, yeah. Destiny Islands brings back some fun memories. KH3 better start off from there! It's the very first world!!
    Yes... The first bunch was because I didn't realize I was only supposed to get the gold ones and the other half was because.. Well I wanted a whole bunch of them. You can never have too many coconuts. lol
    How long did you spend fighting Tidus, Wakka and Riku?
    That's a possibility. In a (NON EVIL) way, I really want Xehanort to go back and screw around with the worlds again. Only because in KH2 it was all saved. Beast is no longer a beast.. ect
    But hopefully we'll get Castle of dreams, dwarf woodlands and Enchanted Dominion back. Along with Destiny Islands! I spent an hour whacking tree's in KH1 and collected 30 something coconuts! These served no purpose in the game but I would like to recollect them regardless! lol
    It's probably a good thing about the pokemon.. haha
    I know! I mean that train ride fight was kick ass! I wonder what Sora, Donald and Goofy where doing in Twilight Town? I assumed that world was finished and served it's purpose now that Xion and Roxas have finished they're saga.
    It's hard not to spoil myself actually... (That sounded wrong to type.. lol)
    Plus.. I'm still heart broken over Serah. I had a huge crush on her. Her character had a tragic story... I want to see her ultimate ending. This upcoming Lightning game decides her eternal fate right?
    Why on earth would you even type such a bad joke!? You must be in bad shape... lol

    I can't believe how long I have to wait for Lightning returns to come out...>.> Grrr.....
    I can't believe you typed that. lol I'll forgive this obviously weak moment just once.
    I'm sure you must have heard this before but I'll do it anyway - You know how Xeahnort is a anagram for "No Heart x" Well see what you can find in Xemnas...
    I never said I wasn't. However you are just as evil as I am! Your bulky children and take they're lunch money! You heartless monster! Lol
    Same with me. Just flat out busy. Also- Have you noticed? lol I merged ALL of my accounts back to the original one I had in 2009. Mwahaha...
    Your right.. The mystery and surprise does seem to be a running theme with Square.
    Anyway, how is school going?
    I saw that game~ it looks cool! I haven't played games that much. I'm starting to play FF12 again but I'm remembering why I disliked it so much..
    I'm surprised Square put out FFXIV with the sequel to Lightning's story coming to a end.
    Theres a few games coming out in October with Pokemon being one of them! I can't get enough of that game to pass the time. KH and FF are more of a game that spend on continually because it's addicting story wise.
    Anyway what else is new? Any idea if KH chi is coming out to NA? I looked everywhere but it won't give a solid answer...
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