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  • most probably not...these kinds of things just don't pop up in my head..nothing clicks... :/
    well your welcome.. i really like how you write your poems..i could never write something that creative...
    Oh ok then, here its just kinda that but not really, cause more people go to public school whether they're middle or not.

    and yeah for our school. I live in a small town, the other school has more though.
    ohh I'll check it out.. :) hey is your sis almost done with that moogle drawing you were talking about??
    what avvie? the new Zack one? i was trying stuff out? it looked to smooshed..XD
    lol not right now..working on that though..no I'm not getting married..yet...I'm too young... XD
    oh well that too..XD yeah here you can move out once your 18..if you want..like i would probably move out if i went to college far away..or something...or for other reasons..yeah..it's not to bad though..
    most likely..for a little while until i can move out myself..really till your married? :O wow..
    though your not even that old... >_> i am 18 next year..though i am going to enjoy the benefits though..*for sure* ^-^
    oh well hope everything is always okay..so how were your holidays? almost new year...wow i am getting old.... :/
    oh well were i live we get fires,earthquakes,mudslides,floods, tsunamis...it just depends how it is...for the most part it's usually fires..lots.... >_>
    lol oh i am guessing your not from what you wrote...just wondering if you guys were okay... :D
    WOOTZ ^^

    Well I'm feeling sad, cuz I'm watching a ASPCA commercial and watching animal cops at the same time!
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