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  • It takes years of practice to train your body to be flexible if you aren't, and years longer to master the poses~ And then there are those who are just born with extra ligaments and bones XD I mainly stick to the simple poses, I tried to do a table pose and learned I was just gifted in my legs XD
    That's what happened to mine before it said "No more *le die*" Ah, Yoga is awesome =w= I learned I was somewhat double jointed that way when I freaked everyone out in how I could bend my legs, muahahahaha~
    You have no idea XD of virtually all of my original friends on here, I'm the only one left ._. The wonderful thing about Tiggers~ Ah phooy I've got enough Pooh on my mind XD
    *nods* comes with the territory of growing up XD also dissapearing for odd periods of time *points to self*
    Sorry for vanishing off the face of the earth for about a month. I'm having some issues in real life I have to deal with soo I'll probably be gone for an extended amount of time..... so yeah >_>
    Its been nice talking to you. I'll be seeing you later.
    I have to say thank you sooooooo much! I finally got to watch the secret ending thanks to you! THANK YOU! ^.^
    Wait which new manga are you talking about that ZUN's been working on? Wild and Horned Hermit? I'm not up to date with the most recent ones so I'm a bit clueless about them :p
    I guess EoSD is used the most cuz the chars there can move around and do whatever they wish. SA chars are kinda confined underground which makes it kinda difficult to really do anything... Which is extremely unfortunate cuz they're my favorite group also T T
    Satori and Koishi have so much potential for a good storyline and/or jokes... I don't know why people overlook them.

    Oh btw, have you seen the preview of the Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project OVA? Its being made by ufotable, a LEGIT animation company (really famous for high-quality animation). The actual OVA's been out for a bit but only shown in certain areas in Japan, unfortunately. Though it looks more like a promotional video for something else (since its a crossover), the animation looks amazing so far.

    Eh school >_> Sounds tiring, especially that band part. So you're a senior? If a university's thinking about giving you a scholarship... you must be pretty talented, lol. Good luck on your auditions man.
    Happy New Years to you too (though its a bit late for me to be saying that >_>)

    So... green and short? Sounds like some sort of garden gnome xD
    Hm I can't really name any character with green hair off the top of my head... manga in general is black and white :p
    Though I guess you're right about its spread. Japan has a reputation for pulling off really weird hair colors and getting away with it, lol. I bet green hair's been going on for a while, but deviant hair color is so normal now I don't even notice it.

    Yeah I guess the EoSD group has the most... solidarity, I guess of all the characters? The EoSD chars are some of my most favorite characters too, but its kinda annoying how sometimes they can overshadow other characters in games. In SWR and Hisoutensoku, for example, you got the whole cast of EoSD appearing, two chars from Mountain of Faith, one from SA, and none from UFO... Guess ZUN really has a thing for the EoSD chars :p

    Omg I've always hated the needles, lol. They didn't have the spread of the amulets or the piercing power of the lasers, so I never really got used to them. Marisa, I liked her speed for grabbing points, but yeah like you mentioned she's a bullet magnet xD

    Sucks that school's starting now that winter's over. Unless you like it I guess? xD
    Lol that's an interesting way to see Yuuka.... except I've never seen her act in that way xD
    The works I've read usually just has her sadistic side showing. Maybe I'm jut reading the wrong mangas, though its kinda rare for her to pop up at all in most fanworks. And about the green hair - its funny that you mention it, and I don't know if its coincidental or not, but green-haired chars outnumber the other hair colors by a considerable amount to the extent that its a running gag in many comics. I guess you chose the right series to follow then? xD

    I've never liked Remi too much. Probably cause she shared a name with someone I knew (a certain Remy who ensured I could never get sleep on any bus rides), but probably cause the other characters in EoSD seemed more interesting I guess. Remi has more of a stereotypical personality, albeit a very bratty one. Then again, Patchy does too, but I like her all the same, so go figure :p

    Reimu-B was the homing amulets right? Lol, I used to love that attack when I first played Touhou until I realized it was agonizingly weak compared to Marisa's lasers. Especially since I was playing Mountain of Faith, where Marisa had her bugs.
    Mmm never heard of those videos before. Gotta go check them out some time, though considering China's random censoring of Youtube and whatnot, it'll probably be a while before I do, lol.
    Heh, that Megamari game seems interesting enough. Another thing on the to-do list for winter break. But actually now that you mention it, the name should have been a huge tipoff... Megamari -> Megaman, lol. Epic fail on my part.

    Yuuka, though, lol? Bit of a scary choice. Combined with Remi and Koishi and all you're missing is Flandre for the scariest characters in the series, lol... though I guess Koishi, Patchy, and Shiki are more of the normal characters.
    Funnily enough, Reimu and Yukari seem like two of the more popular characters but I don't care too much for them either. If anything, I've always preferred playing as Marisa instead simply so I could use Master Spark :p

    And I should be apologizing for my own late response, lol. Considerably later than yours, though in my defense, I was studying for my final finals (graduation next year :D) of high school. I got a nice long break ahead of me now, though, so I'm happy.
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