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  • You gotta go over to the members/premiums/plats thread and keep them from winning for me. I gotta sleep D:

    I'm trusing you now.
    The soundtrack was the main draw for me. I found a few songs on Youtube, but I was too lazy to rip them all and such. I was also never able to get the X-Edition expansion pack to work, so it'd be nice to have that.
    That's Japan's problem with making their games with little girls. They also make games with great gameplay too, so you can just say that's why you like them.

    Also, an LA based group called Rockin' Android have officially localized and released Suguri Perfect Edition, which includes Suguri, Acceleration of Suguri, AoS X-Edition and a two disc soundtrack. I finally got around to buying it yesterday. They've got a few other doujin shooters to their name too.
    Well, if you don't count Touhou, I'd say it is probably my favorite doujin game series. Actually, it comes pretty close to rivaling Touhou for that title. Check it out:

    YouTube - ‪Suguri Doujin PC Game Trailer_1‬‎
    YouTube - ‪Acceleration of SUGURI Demo movie‬‎
    YouTube - ‪sora winter demo 2009‬‎
    Haha, it was teamwork. ^^ <3

    Yeah, the staff needs to stop by the thread more often.
    It's more like the members vs lazy staff. lol jk

    They're just probably too busy hanging out in their "awesome" staff section. x3
    * hands a trophy *
    Haha, nice posting in the members vs. staff thread. <3

    But i've been there at least seven other times with other members, and we won.
    But meanie Jeels hasn't updated the front page, darnit. ;-;

    The members must have won at least twenty times by now; probably more than that.
    It's a conspiracy... >.>
    S'all good. I'm in no hurry anyways. lol

    Yeah I battle a pretty good amount. Not right now though. I'm on break from battling season, since I only battle a lot during winter/spring/summer when the national Pokemon video game championships start. It's the only official Pokemon tournament with actual prizes so I usually do that. :p It's not 1v1 (singles) like Smogon tends to capitalize though, it's 2v2/doubles, which imo is a lot more fun. That only lasts a month or two in terms of going to events and battling though.

    Sorry to write so much haha.
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