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  • Um... hi?

    Wow, it's been so long, I don't ever remember even talking to you.
    Seen you on my look list. Anyway
    Just saw Transformers 3. I thought it was okay (WAY better than the second) but I liked the original the best. All the fights were good for the most part, Quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen. but I had a few problems:


    Sentinel Prime flat out murders Ironhide without a fight and Ironhide is a powerhouse
    Wheelie and Brains play a pivotal role in the Autobot’s victory only to be abruptly killed off for no reason.
    Once Sentinel goes bad he basically hijacks the plot and prevents most any other robot from getting decent characterization from there on out
    I liked Nimoy as MX, but I cringed every single time I heard his voice as Sentinel.
    Megatron doesn't get ANY fight scenes until the end
    Next time, less human fights and MOE Autobot fights
    They dragged on the Human Decepticon's Traitor throughout the film (He should have been killed by Sam in the Trump building)
    no Megatron-Starscream banter this time (I loved it when those two were fighting with each other in the other films)
    Plot creeped to practically a halt during the fight in Chicago
    Sam is so angry in the beginning. Take a chill pill man.

    Best action sequences from all three films
    Bumblebee is as great as ever
    Optumus finally learns something for a change instead of dishing the whole "wisdom of the Prime" bit he's done in the first two films
    Carly is better than "what's her face" in the other two films. Thank you Speilberg for firing her!!!!!
    Simmons and his assistant, Dutch, are crazy awesome
    Laserbeak is Hardcore
    Shockwave was even more Hardcore (wished they had more of him in the movie)
    Beginning was epic
    Wheelie and Brains were funny as hell

    I give it 3 out of five stars, not great but not bad (or so-so as Sam put it to Bumblebee)
    Yea i heard it. he went pretty hard on it. I can't wait for his album to come out. Its ganna be big. also Big Sean too but Weezy is ganna steal his spotlight though .__.
    You know it~ I love my PSP, and SE has released a ton of games for it this year. The PSP is going to go out with a bang!
    Wow, how long has it been since we last talked? It's been so long.

    How are you doing?
    No because that would be illegal, CFW is not only for getting games you know.

    (secret: use google)
    And...? I can't really help you if you don't tell me what's the problem.
    I can't yet, unfortunately =( I'm currently out of the state I ordered it in, so I won't be able to pick my copy up until the 13th >_> I tried to get it today, but the EB Games here didn't have any spare Collector's Editions =(
    Just finished Disney Town in Terra's scenario, but I'm stopping to play some games.
    Not yet. Since it's under my dad's name, I have to call him to pick it up for me while I'm stuck at school for 9 hours :\
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