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  • Good point, forgot that maine had to get up.

    Wow... I didn't even notice that hint. If it is Wash, then that works too.
    I was thinking it would be Washington too.

    At the same time though... I wonder if they'll have WYOMING show up and quickly cut to a flashback of him on a freelancer mission. I doubt they would throw his name into the top 6 rankings without a reason, so I'm curious to see if he'll return.
    Oh nice!

    When I watched it the first time I was surprised they left out a few of the scenes like South taking out the two guards and North using the drop shield.
    Oh yeah I remember that video!!!!

    Hilarious stuff XD

    I know nothing about WOW and its still funny.

    By the way, people on Youtube apparently think Agent North Dakota is Chuck Norris:

    Actually, yeah I have :)

    My brother played the demo of bayonetta and I heard that song, just in general, beyonetta has a pretty good soundtrack
    Um there are many hah, obviously quinton flnn voices him, the way he talks (like his sarcasm and "got it memorized" haha, his obvious love for roxas duh, and his awesome look ;) haha

    Nd I know she does do that a lot hahaha pretty amazingg
    Caboose falling from the sky is definitely classic comedy.

    I wouldn't necessarily want a whole spinoff series. Right now I'm content with the work they're doing on season 9. Though it DEFINITELY would be cool to see if they decided to do the entire campaign cutscenes with Caboose.
    Yeah I saw that! It was hilarious!

    Caboose is quite the BAMF lately =D

    Honestly I could see Caboose in the Lone Wolf mission too:

    (Caboose sees tons of Elites)

    Caboose: Oh my God... Tucker had more kids!
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