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XIII Heartless
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  • You made the best post in the jessica jones thread. I wish rep was still around breh
    i know what the censor is but damn, lol. that shit is iconic, a relic of old khi.

    what's new with you?
    Okay, that's good to know! ^_^

    Oh, I read some news about PS4 having some issues of some sort after released to the public.. I'm looking forward to Infamous: Second Son! :D It's the one thing that keeps me saving money, hah, beside Kingdom Hearts 3, FF 15.
    Crap.. I got PS3. :( I'm saving up for PS4 with less glitches.. I'm really careful like that.

    As for the PSN ID, is it possible to have PS3 ID move to PS4? I mean, like synching it up or whatnot? I would hate to do it over again with the new system. :/ (It's KH_Austin)
    I don't know if you have PS3 or PS4, but it worked well for me.. Anyway, the social chest is usually sparking blue when you get close to something like a regular treasure of some sort, the animus would have told you about it. It's either that or you need some friends with the same game to connect online and it shows up.

    I had plenty social chests to open time and time over again. I hope this helps you. :)
    I think I'm pretty close to calling it quits with this forum. Lots of people that post here have some pretty serious brain damage. Like really fucking stupid.
    Yeah it does, I don't own either system (yet), but I've seen that the site registers your Vita and PS4 games in the same manner.
    You gotta register with psnprofiles.com by going to the log in page, putting a certain code into your About Me section on your PS3, then it'll let you have an option to get a code for a trophy card in a drop-down menu.

    Hope that helps, I'm sorta bad at explaining. :x
    so just added you through my phone like it was nothing

    then realized, damn sony's tech has come a long way!
    It's a manga/anime called Blue Exorcist (or sometimes Ao no Exorcist.) It's got a really cool premise, and it's not that long since it's relatively new. You should check it out.
    yeah it's cool man, i was put inactive by some proxy stuff

    and a failed atv stunt jump
    I can't afford all the series I want either. But I made room for Avengers because I knew it was going to be good since I love Hickman's Fantastic Four run. Yeah, it's the Marvel Now Avengers relaunch book. The companion title, New Avengers, launches this week and is a Marvel Illuminati book.
    Thanks. Yeah it's just convenient that they all had this problem with me all at once when it was convenient, when scubasteve was mad, not when I was actually doing any of the 'bitching' they had such a problem with. It came out of like nowhere. And then Celtis said we were circle jerking lol not our fault other people don't post.
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