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  • You sound like you dont enjoy KH battle systems, (ill admit days, chain, & KH2, gameplay sucks but BBS was amazing especially with its super Flashy, Super powerful commands KH1 gameplay is my favorite though)
    lol I herd that proud was still pretty easy (especially for Ventus, his critical is kinda easy to) but theirs no way you can fuck with Critical Mode, enemies do double damage & total health is cut in half!
    thats cause you played BBS on beginner, & chain of Memories dosnt have a difficulty setting

    Go play BBS on proud or critical!
    I think my favorite performance was probably "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love." What was yours?
    I have to say its remarkably easy ive been through the 1st 6 worlds & have only died twice:/
    It must be hot in there. And the people holding the egg must be strong to be able to hold it for that long. Do you know what time GaGa is going to sing?
    My favorite song that she's made is probably Paparazzi. What's your favorite song? Is it Alejandro, I'm just guessing because your username is Dontcallmyname.
    heh sounds like how my gamecube died, fungus began growing in the 1st controller slot,

    remember back in the day when controllers needed wires?... oh wait you still play PS2 dont you?

    I didnt realize the game was on jap until I started playing, i deleted it as soon as I realized it wasnt english

    Random: play pokemon?
    No! You have to finish OOT it has the best designed dungeons of any game ever, & this I will argue! Still have your Gamecube & Zelda games?

    In other news, I downlaoded this SNES emulator to my phone, along with FF VI, IV,V. But V is in jappanesse : (
    You didn't finish either, that's a shame, OOT is the highet reviewed game in history & my personal favorite, I love MM because you could become a Zora & a Goron, & its just as good as OOT but I never finished it because the last temple was 2 in 1 (you literaly turned the entire temple upside down!)
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