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  • Oh your still on vacation? Or just away from home and somewhere else?

    I'm doing good. Just been lazy since I can't bring myself to do anything.
    Yozakura Quartet Manga - Read Yozakura Quartet Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox :3 here, im bad at explanations sorry XD
    Oh I see. Your really dedicated to playing guitar then since it's that important to you XD *Admires you*

    Well then if you have Wednesday off then I'm sure it won't take long to catch up then. It's probably like five episodes so that's not bad. (would be my guess on how many you may have missed).
    Oh. What about the weekend? Or how long does guitar practice last? Surely an hour or two. Unless it's longer then that :D
    Well if you find time, I'm sure you can catch up.

    Oh so that's why you haven't been on much, or able to watch Durarara.
    It's okay. You pretty much answer my questions so your good :)

    Kay XD

    If it were me I would feel the same way about Durarara if i was missing it. Well yesterday on Durarara was the sister of that one guy who has that one girl he was searching for in the beginning Narrating.
    Oh that bites :-/

    Yeah I didn't get your reply at all, except for this new recent one.

    Well last week had Shizou narrating (which was wicked awesome) then this week was Celty narrating (was okay).
    Sorry for giving you such a mouthful of stuff to read from my last post ^^ I tend to get overly excited, writing way to fast and end up making paragraphs half the time.

    What did you think of Durarara last Saturday!? I felt bad for Shizou but was amazed at how fast Izaya dodged his attack O.O was so wicked awesome!
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