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  • if you can do that without being shot then i want a vid as proof! and the lol's as you make some person cry XD
    wish i could. XD i like how it goes on for what seems like 4ever and then he just up and stops.
    i remember that tho the one celty was cool in that one~ i like best is him stomping that phone XD
    :/ me to, the OP's to.
    XD what you should have looked for was gif of izaya stomping that cellphone.
    i know! was looking up durarara endings (casue adult swim cuts them short, OP's to) and there it was :D it was so awesome!
    ...thats an durarara avie!
    I read the manga of D.N.Angel, yeah. I don't know which I prefer though. I guess the anime, just because it made everything seem so epic, haha. Especially the last few episodes, it was like, powerful. And vacationing, eh, so far so good, lol. No complaints so far :D And Bleach...you'll understand what I mean later. Like, logic just disappears from the show entirely, ask anyone who has seen enough of it, I know I have. -.- And were you happy with that last fight in Kekkashi? I thought it was sooo lacking! Like, I was expecting some huge epic fight and that was just so not it! I did feel bad about Gen though, he was so cool :l And Toonami? Of course I have, that was my childhood!

    I might try to follow it again. A lot of my buddies bother me about it haha.

    How far into Durarara by the way? Because I just started xD AndI'm not too crazy about Shinra either, he seems...creepy? xD

    And yeah, she does, you probably have heard of her. Maybe I'll try Ouran Host Club, would you recommend it? And Vampire Knight...tried it...just couldn't get into it xD

    Oh, it doesn't matter to me, the whole gender thing xD You seem really cool to talk to, so that's all that matters :p
    XD cool! Did you read the manga of D.N.Angel? Also who do you like better? Krad or Dark? Oh no it doesn't sound weird at all. A lot of people like Brotherhood better and actually I kind of agree. (whole lot more darker then the old one). Oh so your vacationing then. Having fun on your vacation? That's okay if you haven't. It's good and funny more or less. Is it because of the fillers on Bleach? Or how it skips back to explain something? XD I like Edward and Spike! The movie was good too (Cowboy bebop). Same goes for Kekkashi! Felt sad about Gen yet Yoshi and mummy guy were fun to watch since there so powerful! Yup I have heard of (Adult Swim). Ever heard of (Toonami? When it was around?)

    I'm not surprised. I fell out but started again months back. All the fillers and waiting for the fight got to me. XD except I'm still following it all over again regardless. I'm hoping it does end eventually.

    I always forget the name Shizou. I love Izaya <3 I mean the whole cellphone incident and tricking the girl just to make fun of her were awesome! Quite the personailty too. Yeah that's what makes Shizou so awesome always yelling at Izaya XD I don't like Shinra to much though.

    Hmm Kare Kano. Does she write his and her circumstances? Other wise I have heard of her and have read some of it too. (I should look that up later!) nope doesn't sound weird at all. (may as well tell you this just in case. I'm a girl). One of members didn't know that and I was friends with them. ( I found it funny pretty fun when they found out though). I like manga usually if I'm interested enough in the tv show i'll look it up later to know more. Other wise I like picking up different manga here and there. I have read a few Shojo manga but no so much now. (Ouran host club would be one of them and Cain). Also I like Vampire Knight.
    XD never thought I would meet another person who likes D.N.Angel. Which full metal alchemist do you like better? Did you see the movie? Have you seen Ouran host club? (I just like the humor in it is all). I only started watching Bleach myself. Btw do you watch Cowboy bebop or Kekkashi?

    I'm really into Naruto both manga and anime.

    Your welcome.

    Mostly what I like about Durarara is Izaya and the bartender lol. I like Celty (headless rider) because of her motorcycle more or less. On the other hand I like how the story is told too XD

    What kind of manga do you like?
    Wicked sweet~ I thought so! What anime did you use to watch before? That's good that your getting back into manga and anime. What do you like about Durarara?

    Still that is one awesome looking avie!
    Hi there! I know your new to khinsider and was wondering if you don't mind me asking you a question?

    Do you like Durarara? Was wondering cause the avie (avatar) you have reminds me of the one on Durarara.
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