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  • You bet it is, haha! I always say to myself that legends get born in the bedroom (wishful thinking lmao). I do it with samples on the computer but I wanna go to me recording stuff and sampling those things to make music. It is an awesome feeling. To me, what makes it so awesome, is the fact that you know the song can still go anywhere. No one except you (and maybe a handful of other people) knows about it. It gives you a sense of absolute freedom, which is pretty hard to find these days in current society.

    Mostly editing, actually. We get like a little piece of text (and a couple of specifications in terms of lay-out) and we have to make a complete lay-out on our own and make it look good in an efficient way. We haven't done the lay-out for a book yet, though, but we're slowly getting to that point.

    The teachers can be laid back as well but when it comes to those tests, man, they're brutal haha. And there's this one guy who talks insanely fast, he talks at a constant pace without hardly taking a breath, and well, it's pretty difficult to understand him at times haha.

    I think video would be the best fit for me. Making promotional vids for companies or other stuff. I like doing that. But I'd love to work in video games as well, although I think it's a hard business. I'm actually currently in a project like that (Almost for 2 years already) and so far, it has been very enjoyable. The programming part of video games, I think, is brutal though. I have programming classes in college now and the amount of work you need to put in to make a simple calculator work... It's insane lol
    Bedroom producer atm so I make my music on my computer haha! I want to buy instruments though but college life ain't cheap ;(

    Lay-out can be easy but at college, the tests are just hell on earth. We've gotta finish test in 3 hours but we never get finished because we need to do so much during them. Teachers are tyrants, tyrants I say! lol

    I started graphical and digital media (but that's the name of the general course), I'm gonna major in multimediaproduction (produce). Meaning, making movies, websites, 3D animation etc.

    Don't worry about the VM's, I don't mind n.n
    Awesome! Glad you liking your job, man!

    I've been pretty busy myself. Started producing music and I since last year, I go to college as well (started a new course this year though so technically speaking, I'm still "in my first year college). Funny fact, one of my classes is "lay-out and typography" and our end-assignment being the lay-out of a book haha
    I bet xD

    Whatever you can find I'll be happy to make something pretty out if it :3

    Yeah, that's cool. It's almost bed time for me anyways xD
    rping on tumblr? o_O didn't know they had that xD

    Well the top sig isn't mine; it was made by apple jaxx.

    Everyone steals stocks. it's a small price to pay for us artists to get better ^^

    Send away~

    btw, i got skype, so that might be a lot easier. though, bout to head to bed here soonish xD
    Late response is late.

    but yeah, not a lot, and a lot. Lol, contraindications ftw~

    Yeah, been doing a lot of poetry writing, a lot of rping, and a lot of photoshop work. If you're in need of another set, come hit me up at the shop i work at, Aliquam Revolution(i think that's the name of it xD).

    They're not that good :c, just my crap shit things XD
    ah, okay, thats fine, and i dont know what happened with you and thr forum, but sorry, i hope it dosent happen again! oh, and that didnt sound snobish at all!
    ah, its okay, if you can't then i can get someone else to. And okay, i know how you feel!XD as for your third question, i thought that if i was going to get someone to critiquing, i would want someone who loved poems, and you seemed to love them then most judging by your description on the critique thread!XD oh, and i understand, at least you did get on now right?XD
    Dammit, it's the glasses thing, isn't it?! I just think they look cool, okay? T_T
    Oh you know, this and that. Mainly just random stuff to keep my skills from getting rusty. You know, like poems here and there, some short short stories(like under 1000 words), and attempts to do fanfiction, to no avail ;~;

    Oh coolio, at least one of us has a job xD, i'm still looking..well partially, anyways. I'm kinda being lazy on that part. ._.

    :c hope it's nothing serious. I mean, like anything you take medication for has to be serious some level, but hope it's not life-threatening
    Oh you know me, just been relaxin and such, not really doing anything life-responsible. XD However, have been doing some writing and such done :D

    hbu? How's life treatin' ya and such?
    It is truly a disturbing world in which we live. *adjusts glasses knowingly* (Does not actually wear glasses.)
    Well, this one time, I went to the Smithsonian museum, and the Mongoose was missing from its exhibit! He was hiding, I swear! And from what? Stuffed animals? NO! Of course not! He was hiding from us. Hiding... something.
    Eh. Hussie works in mysterious ways. Like Mongooses. They're planning something, I swear it!
    It's probably meant to symbolise a change in her expression, or the tone of her voice. Do not question the mighty Huss of Lips!
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