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Eternal Dream
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  • What's up, Dream? :D

    You ever had that whim to look back on old roleplays for fun? I had that today with Persona: Icebound. I'm thinking of driving back into it, considering I need more practice on writing.. Too bad Light is not here to teach me more. XD Jeez, he gave me homework!! 🤣
    I know life's been tough, but I'm gonna need yo fine ass to post girl. When you get the chance :D

    -shakes fist at the sky-
    I will prepare my violin in advance o_o

    Ah, gotcha. Quite the to-do list! At least the time should fly by :)
    Oooooooh, I look forward to seeing how that plays out. Blast from the past, right there! Yikes, understandable. If you don’t mind me asking, are you close to graduating, or do you have a ways to go yet?
    Haha! Used to ignoring it by now? ;D I'm mostly just hoping that I'll be as active as I need to be. I'm definitely good for the next couple of months, but in the fall I'll have to reevaluate.
    Ah, some things never change! ;D But I totally understand that. Skitty actually invited me to join Apocalypse, so I'm putting together a template and crossing my fingers that I don't mess it up xD
    Hi, Dream! Tell me about it--it's been a busy couple of years. I didn't realize so much time had passed! Everything on my end has been going pretty well, though; I'm super pumped for January, so the time is just going to drag by now. How have you been?
    It's not something I can discuss in visitor messages, if you'd like to exchange through private messages, I'd be more than happy to explain.
    I'm doing pretty good these days. Though, the rps keep me busy and I have the urge to write stories and yet I don't do it because I'm more of a visual person, you know?

    I guess it's harder than it looks, lol.
    Yo, Dream! :D

    What's up? It feels so weird to see you around because you rarely get online due to real life, which is understandable. :3 But I'm glad you're back now and getting ready to gain super powers in Miracles! It'll be fun! :D
    Hello, Dream! :D

    It has been too long since we last spoke and role-played. How are you doing these days? I don't know if you know this or not, but Spirits is at an standstill; however, Sephy is still in it and planning to work up a storm to get everybody interested in it again. :3

    As for Miracles, we're in the processing of gaining our superpowers, so that's that.
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