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  • Well at least you're okay with them, I never really got used to mine. Made playing football difficult.
    Don't worry about it, bummer about your computer though. Gotta watch out for virus' and stuff, and take care of the hardware too.
    Oh yeah. The whole not knowing English all that well thing. You're better at it than most, though. The internet really helps.
    Where are you from?
    Wow, I know they're alwasys annoying at first. Made me feel like my teeth were getting yanked in every direction, I even had to have two pulled out so the rest could be set correctly. All they do is numb ya and pull.

    At least you only have to have them for a year, I had mine on for like 3 or 4 years. (Sarcasm is an epic win)
    Well, TODAY I just woke up but I have a feeling it won't be as boring and crappy. What about you?
    I've really annoyed a few people cause I did a filler chapter in K.h.a. using Xion and it had a few spoiilers. I asumed they had finally plaed the game but no, they still haven't.

    Braces huh, I just got mine off this year. Did you get yours off or is there something wrong? But that does seem kinda funny.
    Oh, it's fine! Don't blame yourself. I think our personalities are just a bit stubborn to sit down and talk about it.
    I get pissed easy.
    Y'know something that annoys me is that the game's been out for a while now but there's still people who haven't played it and they get all mad when they see spoilers. Although Xion is an important character now.

    Ugh . . . the dentist. I hate the dentist, but mine has never tried to kill me. How did she try to kill you?
    He's treating me like I'm one.

    And him not bothering to tell his fans to stop and encouraging his fans to tell me to go jump off a cliff isn't exactly nice, either.

    I'm sorry my critiques seem intimidating and mean, but there's absolutely no need to be rude about it.
    I point out the mistakes so people can learn from them. When I wrote fanfiction and all the things I write, I WANT TO KNOW my mistakes because I'm a person who hates it when something isn't perfect. I want people to be proud of me, to remember it.

    I don't know.

    I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you have a better day.

    And just saying. I never said you were a jerk, Coldman. I said it was annoying how you think I'm trying to be a jerk.
    Well I suppose if you don't find it too discouraging then it's fine.

    Why do you want to rewrite the previous chapters? Is cause of Annoyance or do you think you can make them better, cause they're already great, and hilarious.
    I fell like jerk sometimes. But I'm glad to know a friend thinks differently. :)
    I'll help out anytime, and respond when you can, I'm not gonna push you to post more than you're able to.

    Annoyance is the user-name of the person. Funny thing is it fits, cause she's annoying. I just didn't want you to be discouraged because she nit-picked through your mistakes.

    Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving, it was great.
    Netanya. I know too many people from there that joke about it XD;;;
    D: on the news? how come?
    Thanks for sending me the PM but I'm having sort of a shitty day right now so I don't want to go all "GIRLY BITCH TIME" on you just because of that.
    I'll respond soon. Don't worry.
    I understand, do well in school.

    :C Don't fail.

    but yeah, I honestly just want to be taken a bit more seriously and stuff and help writers improve. That's all. I try to avoid commenting in Fanfiction just because all their fans are like RAWRRAWR SOMETHING SEEMINGLY NEGATIVE.
    makes me sad.
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