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  • I'd like to know YOUR opinion on my critique on your fanfic and if you'd like me to keep going with it since no one else has given you anything like that. You have a lot of minor mistakes that can be fixed easily.
    I didn't mean to piss off Coldman or anyone. I do it to help.
    Thanks, I try my best not to be a jerk.

    I know you'll do good in math but when it comes to Languages and stuff I can't help you there.
    No rush, go at a pace that's good for you. And if I seem pushy at all then just don't talk to me,that'd be a good punishment.

    Good luck with your math, hope you do great. Try your best and you can happy with yourself.
    If you ever need to vent out your frustrations I'm hear to listen, that's what friends are for.

    I'd go nuts from all that math, although math is actually one of my best subjects.
    Well as long as there's something to read I won't be disappointed. But I deffinently understand you losing your mind. And no, it's not a fanfic, I just got an original story started in the Creative Wretching section. Appearently it's got a gothic theme to it.

    O_O Parents Day? The most dreaded and dreadful of all school days. Luckily for me my parents never came to those, but I'm sorry Peach. As long as you try your best you can be happy with yourself, and that's all your parents can ask of you.
    I'm okay, just trying to figure out where my story should go and waiting for the fanfic's I like to get new chapters. I don't mean to pressure you I'm just waiting.

    If it's school then take all the time you need, I know how rough it can be. I always hated exam periods, nothing but tests in every class. I almost went insane every year.
    Hey, you okay? We haven't talked in a while, I didn't hear from you and I was starting to get worried.

    Also why hasn't there been another chapter in your story yet? If you need help you can ask me y'know.
    x3 D'aww.

    Awesome. C:

    XDDD I know right? I have like, 6 exams ahead of me! Awful!

    It's going well enough... Getting a bit lazy with homework. >_>
    I have to go in five minutes! D:
    Well whatever you plan to do I know it'll be great. It's your story after all, I can only give my opinion. You're the author so everything is your call.

    And you're not wasting my time, I like listening to people. Plus your story is great.
    Well my vote goes out to Aqua. Especially if Roxas is in her class.
    Vincent seems more like he'd be the P.E. teacher that is more like he trains them for a war.
    Hello, Glos-Peach. How are you? I am doing very well, thanks for asking. So, you need a theater teacher for you're fanfic. Well, I think Genesis or Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII or Balthier or Al-Cid from Final Fantasy XII might be good choices. Those guys really seem quite dramaitc.
    I'm good, thanks for asking. How are you?

    Theater Teacher huh? How about Aqua? Or Fran from FF XII, or someone else from there. It'd be funny if it was one of them.
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