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  • random stuff, but every now and then i will actually have a small story in it. i have the first one up, and i'll probably put the second one up tommrow
    That's great! My internet is being Really shoddy, I'm using my phone right now, but I get new service tomorrow so I'll try to make a post then.
    Hey, I don't know what's going on on your end, but I hope you're doing okay! =) We can't wait to have you in the RP again!
    Yes! I'm definitely looking forward to this! Looks like I might not be the only one wanting to accompany you tho.

    Alright, I'll check back later for your post then.
    Hello again Goddard, I was told by Theart I should ask you, what I should do with Kaz and the new Imperuim girl named Bo. Kaz followed the orders to head to the Tram Commons, so now I'm awaiting to see if their was anything you wanted me to do with him and the new girl? Shall they assist Lucius at all?

    Lastly if theirs any changes that need to be made to Bo, let me know and I'll fix them.
    can my charter Ichigo accompany Lucius? if not, i'll come up with something else for him.
    Hey Goddard, was wanting to know what kind of wielders are the Imperiums suppose to be like? Their not suppose to be dark are they?
    okay, thanks. i will in a bit, i want to wait for the right time in the rp now.
    XD sorry, i've been coped up inside sick for the past few days so im just bored
    im sorry i keep bothering you with questions, but i was wondering since the rp is kind of slow if i could post dusk dream and it would be past stuff, like how she lost her heart, would that be okay?
    hey, can we ask people on the sign up thread to come up with symbols for the imperium and the rebels?cuase i was drawing dusk and i thought that would be pretty cool to put in the picture!
    ah!thank you!also, i plan on making an imperium charter temp to, i can have up to three charters, right?
    um...i dont know if you taken a look at the sign up thread yet or not, but i posted a new charters temp a few days ago...and i dont know the if the reason you havent said anything about it is becuase its really bad or you just dont have the time to look at it....
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