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    Luxu is Master Xehanort

    Hello as the title of this topic says said , I think for 90% that master xehanort is master luxu . Here is the reason : Lets first repeat what Master Xehanort said to Terra in BBS before he transformed his heart to Terra , He said : I swore I would Survive and see whats beyond the keyblade...
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    Ephemera is the man in the orgnization coat ??!

    I have been thinking what if Ephemera is the man who was wearing the organization coat ? what if he was the future version of Ephemera ? lets take this step by step : we know that if you want to time travel and go to the past or to the future then you have to go where your older version...
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    The Mystreies of The Mansion

    Hello This is going to be my first thread in khinsider and I hope you all enjoy it. At first lets talk about the mansion that is located in Twilight Town : We know that its the mansion that you sora , donald and goofy were sleeping at after KHCoM and at the begging of KH2 , we also know...
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    New Wielder Has Arrvied

    Hello there , I'm very proud of my self to sign up in khinsider , I have been following this forum every since I loved kh series , and I can't wait to make new friendship with others here and also to share our thoughts and thoerys about the series .