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  • Haha, I do that a lot.

    Yeah, Heart Station is a very nice website. It's pretty and organized isn't clogged up with stuff you don't need. What browser are you using? It works for me with Safari and Firefox 3. Oh well, it's not that important.

    I'm pretty excited for the new HP movies. I hope they're a bit more loyal to the books than 4 and 5 were. They've really strayed from Harry's character and turned him into an annoying ball of angsting emo. He's much more relatable in the books, I think.
    Ohhh yeah Event 15 is awesome! The animation looks so good and I'm surprised that people haven't made theories about it yet. It reminds me of the pensieve in Harry Potter (have you read the series?). I wonder if Roxas will explore any of Sora's memories?

    Oh, and the screenshot I was talking about is the fourth on this page: http://heartstation.org/?page_id=10
    If you hold your mouse over the small picture, it'll give you a description or translation.

    Also check out the sixth one on the first row, the second and third on the fourth row, and the last two on the last row. You've probably seen most of them before but I don't know if you've seen the translations and stuff.
    I've been posting a bit more in the Discussion section... and... that's kind of about it. Just a post here and there when I see a new reply in a topic.

    So what do you think of all the screenshots and scans and stuff popping up? I went to bittermeat's site the other day and saw a bunch that I hadn't seen before. It kind of looks like Xion did something bad or made a mistake or something because Axel seems like he has a beef with her. And in one of the screenshots, the description says 'Axel and Roxas approach Xion' and they both look pretty angry.
    Ohhh well it wasn't really at school, but a boy who was friends with a lot of my friends in the senior class killed himself. So anyway, last week was kind of a mess. >.< it was just a bad week. :(
    this is axel 008's
    im racing him to 200 and im winning!!!!!

    total posts: 149
    posts pe day: 7.30

    and this is mine
    total posts: 150
    posts pe day: 3.09

    hows your race going?
    i think its with papou right?
    rains falling behind , in about 4 years we'll catch now!
    Total Posts: 9,657 Posts Per Day: 23.34 a loss of 6 pooooosent!
    i was looking around and you know wevvy?
    he has 215 posts,
    race him to 300 man, race him!!!!
    tell me whom i should race
    if your on we should like go have a debate on some thread out there
    jut say the word
    ...... the word is whatever the threads name is by the way
    Sorry for not replying, I haven't really been on this week... some kind of bad stuff went down at school this week. Anyway, I like your theory. For me, I don't know so much that MX wants Ven or Terra to join him, just help him do something maybe. The secret ending... donno. It's hard to say what importance it's going to have with the plot or when it will take place but it definitely does seem like a moment near the climax (maybe it is part of the climax?) if it is canon.

    I took "erase" to be like getting rid of his heart, since the heart is the thing that ties people + things to the world. Still, I like the idea of, how you put it "letting his heart fly away".

    Anyway, I liked it, I think you have something going :)
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