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  • Depends on how they look at them I guess. I mean there are large, gothic, and evil looking ones that are based on middle age times and there are some that are mystical, beautiful, and pure spirited like the asian dragons. Besides I'm a monkey and dog lover. Ookie! ^.^
    Well I`ve had a lot of stuff to do you know. I have a freakin "D" science and my mom is all pissed and tried to take my art away :(. I like that avi did you draw it?
    it's actually a dragon binded around a scythe, he put his avatar design on his facebook account. He says he might change it into something else later on. He has another design that he thought of using.
    Well I do have someone suffering from autism and that's my uncle. He's already around the same age as my brother is. The other one not Buster. And you know that some artists express their imagination via writing right? So that's what he does. Express's his imagitive ways in writing. He does write up some neat fictional short stories for his english class in college. He gets straight A's for that stuff. And he does have a few sketches and designs that he's made on here. In fact he made his latest work as his own avatar on this site.
    He's actually 19 and he's taking an art course in college which explains why he's so creative and imagitive and basically he only acts that way for our brother who happens to have special needs. He was nearly close to having auotsym (can't spell that word) when he was born but instead the left side of his brain (used for reading, thinking, and speech) ages slowly then the right side, his feet are point to each other making him unbalance so right we're giving him leg surgery for that, the left is okay now but we have to fix the right, and he has a hairlip speech problem. He doesn't have a hairlip yet but it does curve up a bit. Buster cares about his younger siblings and cousins very much. Acts like the fun father we all want to have that will make us feel better and lift up our moods. But hey, judge him however you want even if he has a reason why he acts this way.
    Trust me, I am. A lot. But at least it was nice while I lasted, I guess. Besides, I'm over him and onto new relationships. So does it matter? It's in the past and that's that. LoL.
    Omg! Now I remember why we didn't like each other! Hahahaha! Wow, that was so stupid tho. But I guess I kinda always figured he was doing that. But it was so worth it. lmao! jk jk. LoL.
    True true. LoL. But i don't know. Do you remember what month he said that?? Coz he and I started having a relationship after.... Valentines day if I remember right.
    Ehh... not really... I mean, sure. There might be a chance. But Ryan didn't seem like the type of guy to want to go to collage early... /:
    LoL. I'm not surprised, you're not the first person to tell me that. XD But I really don't give a crap anymore.

    But the main reason I asked you this was because do you remember how Ryan wasn't... Ummm... the brightest crayon in the box? ^.^;;;
    May I ask in what way? But if you would rather not elaborate I understand. I'm just curious. :\
    LoL. Yaaaa... well, you know what happened to me. :p But hey... I have a question for you... Did you ever feel like he was leading us on? LoL.
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