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  • I always found Al Bhed to be such an interesting language. You realize, don't you, that Japanese Al Bhed would sound different from English Al Bhed? I find that so weird!
    That sounds awesome. I hope you get your own psp, otherwise your friend is gonna be pissed at you eventually lol. I haven't gotten into the whole FF thing. I'm planning of FF crisis core as my introduction to the FF series.
    Am I gonna play it? I'm gonna be all over it for the next 6 months or more(hopefully). Ilike to take my time with games, you know, go out, get a smoothie lol
    Lol yeah, I didn't even know she had cuban parents. Until last year, she doesn't look cuban at all (not surprising)
    Okay, half newb then. I live in the bay area. Diaz huh, that's a pretty common last name back in Cuba; so is rodriguez and such
    Well, that's good to hear. There are really few of us on this site. I live in Florida; where do you live?
    I do speak spanish, english was easy enough to learn. So here I am. You joined the site last month? You are still a newb.
    Sorry about that, I know how frustrating it is to have to wait. More so when it is the comanager for whom we were waiting!

    I am now also waiting for Perception to respond for me to continue. XD
    Hi, sorry to do this to you, but I have a big issue with your latest RP post. You can't just hack into Caput Mundi -- it's the most secure place available to the Hub government, and is therefore offlimits to all outsiders, and as I outlined in my previous post in the RP, only the Owner and AMMO know about the prison's existence.

    Please edit your post to fit the continuity of the story. Your ideas are welcome, provided they are not in direct contradiction to what has already been stated in the RP.

    Thank you!
    Sorry, get back to you on what? Neither Oe98 nor myself have a message from you. Did you send one?

    In any case, you should still post in the RP, after reading my OOC post detailing the overall story arc first, that is.
    I really like the overall concept of your character, as I specified in the PM, but there are just a few minor details I'd like to see changed. As a whole, he is a strong character and definitely fits in with the RP; he will definitely play a major role in it.


    I don't know if you're really into this sort of thing, but I'm going to start a mutant RP; you know, X-Men and the like. You should check out the sing up thread when it's up! :)
    Uhm, I could if you wanted me to -- but you can go ahead and post a waking up one coupl'a hours later in the RP. I dunno, guess I'm just dynamic like that. :)

    Just FYI, Vincent was up there to protect you, make sure no one would even get into the temple, let alone the Fayth.
    I'm jealous of that '+' sign that follows your name on the "Who's Online" and "Who's viewing this thread" sections of the forum.
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