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  • Hello <333

    I've been a bit stressed lately :c and I'm sick. But hopefully it will get better soon!!

    How are you~?
    I hear a lot of negative things from the critcs and yet positive from fans lol
    Would've nice if Harry and Lucious had been more close in the epilogue though.

    I say they should've waited another decade after Spider-man 3
    It doesn't seem to be in theaters in my country yet. But if the worst comes I'll just rent the DVD or something.
    I read the book. Really liked the whole Elder Wand twist.

    I doubt I can give you a thorough answer compared to others(at least for now depending on my current lazy mood), but I think the reason would be because Spiderman 4 was cancelled since Sam Raimi(former director of the previous trilogy) dropped out. Though honestly I do think it's a pretty early for a reboot, but oh well.
    I guess it was... decent. Just not as good as the first imo.

    Not really, I used to be a fan though.
    Also:‪The Amazing Spiderman - Trailer 1 (HD)‬‏ - YouTube
    Wow, that sounds really hard 8D

    My internship went pretty well! I got to speak a lot of Japanese~
    Hello! <333
    I've been good, busy even though this is meant to be my holiday 8D
    How are you??
    Well I just want to feel for the first time how a 'hairless' leg would feel like. Reason 2: Really, the hair on my legs are really long and looks very unhygienic. Since you know...more hair: Pick up more dirt.
    I entered NAFA, 2nd year for me this august. :D (Music Teaching course, if ur wondering)
    Been waxing my hairy legs lately. Doing good on the right leg. Left leg, not so much (cue me trying to rub wax off as quickly as possible)
    I feel fine, enjoying my vacation (schools starts on 1st Aug for me) and I still have lots of catching up to do before going back to school. Been to the library (National Library, since my school's not too far from there) more often and sometimes picking up books that interests me. What about you?
    Basically work work work work work work work work work work work...~

    hee hee i like it too <3

    I have been good! Not so good right now; just woke up really sore from gym yesterday, and i'm getting sick D;

    Have to do some serious study today, too *wastes time on KHI* 8D

    How are you?? :3
    Nope. It'll probably take a while ;-;
    I acknowledge that, but somehow I wasn't all that impressed. Good chapter anyway.

    Both. Since I'm too impatient to wait for another chapter lol
    He just bonked it up. I was simply loss for words. lol

    The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident Manga - Read The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox
    ^This is later became a series known as Ao no Exorcist, it recently got an anime adaption too.

    Island (KOMI Naoshi) Manga - Read Island (KOMI Naoshi) Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox
    From the same person who did that Nisekoi one-shot.
    Already seen all of 'em. Especially the one featured at wondercon.

    Already saw it. Nothing mind-sweeping or original at all, but still somewhat entertaining.

    True but I was talking about the sausage :p Besides, squids don't look like that as far as I'm concerned.
    Mhmm, just waiting to see where the story will go now.
    Not sure, I haven't really looked into it yet.

    lol I thought it was a hotdog.
    Kinda suckish, since my speakers are busted lol

    Good to hear :)
    Just Green Lantern and Cowboys&Aliens for this summer.

    YouTube - Nichijou - Three Second Rule
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