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  • hmmm....I should wear my glasses when playing things, but I don't....it makes me look geeky, especially at school.....you know, I get worried when I wear them around my girlfriend and friends.. you get like that??
    I dunno....posting comp......maybe staying up late comp.......teg comp.....I dunno, just bored....want one of those??
    Then Jas is on??

    U wanna have a comp? I'm really bored, if you say no/yes, I'll prob forget in a second or two...lol
    Yeh! Kewl!

    You know the movie Fantastic four?? Well, right before I new it was a movie, I started writing a novel named famous four....I was quite mad! Lol

    How long you on for?
    Duno, I think it's like 7.....tho I only started a while ago....I'm starting a new one now anyway!

    What's ur stuff about??
    making sprites, and finishing my game......

    Talking and chatting, and probably gonna do some writing myself soon, got to finish a storie

    For your videos, think 'ya gonna keep up with the Subs, or keep using VA??
    ha is nice!

    I'm quite bored lol

    Nice Voice acting!

    4 am! Lol, I was up til 6! lol

    nah, I was just about up to 3, too tired...and It was school, tonight I'll prob go to bed at 7!

    Other than that, whatcha been up too??
    I had/still have sims 2, sponge bob square pants (boring now that I've finished it 500 times), GoW, Tiger woods and lot's of other japanese ones!

    What other consoles/games do you have??
    I have some GH stickers.....I know, I'm just sad, but I just don't spend money anymore! I think this weekend I'll spend lots of money on games and such, what do u have

    I take it you like TWEWY?
    Oh yeh! I forgot about that! ur sis showed me!

    *sigh* I'm so bored, and I've run outa topics to talk about! lol

    I'm actually making a pokemon game right now.....u like pokemon??
    Nope, I'm not a member of any of those! lol....

    Prob not many that are open, that I go one much anyway!

    You got utube account?
    Nah! That's okay!

    But if you ever want the link....just ask me!

    I have the same problem! ATM, I'm on 10 forums! o_O! And I'm atleast a member of 100...I'm serious!!
    Lol! NOE! Theres a program that's quite small, that allows you to make them with sprites, and another (that is very involved) that you can do 3D modeling

    I can teach you somthings if you were interested?? and theres a forum, (the one that I was talking about earlier) that is just about this program! I could give you the link if your interested?? and the link to the download??

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