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  • Very true. Very glad to see SDG back. Not sure how I feel about the return of the Command Menu, though. I really hope they make things not button-mashy, which is something I think BBS did very right. Still, everything should be good! :D

    Pretty interested to see which worlds they're gonna pick this time around. Here's hoping for the Jungle Book world finally appearing haha
    I know the trailer tells us absolutely nothing about the game, except maybe twilight town, and Sora metaphorically taking eraqus's keyblade. But it was still so great to see. I'm actually happy to be going back to SDG and the Command Menu.
    Haha thanks. We'll see if I did good in a week haha

    Oh man, looking good eh! Colors are bit too bright, though, but I'm really hopeful for this game. Especially if I see the stuff they're planning on doing (Kingdom shader ftw). I lost my mind when that trailer appeared after Vers... Final Fantasy XV :D. You excited as well? (what a stupid question lol)
    Holy crap, hey man! Long time no talk! Just finished my exams today, prooooobably gonna get drunk later today heh. Glad to hear from you again!
    Thanks for the offer, but we've already had so many people's hands in this script, Id rather it finish it myself. My schedule's been annoying, but I should be able to finish by Monday latest.
    Yeah, he isn't taking out the Light. The Light in the person's heart is manipulated and the body kinda transforms into a Sacrifice.
    Right, but when he's actually turning people into sacrifices, its by overflowing them with light, as opposed to ripping out their light, right?
    Alrighty then, thanks for checking it too!

    About the Sacrifices, the Sacrifices (not the ones made by Lucius) are the result from the Keyblade War. The original Wielder of the Primal Keyblade did some sort of attack that was supposed to end the war, but instead, turned everyone into Heartless and Sacrifices. The Heartless made here joined the already existing Heartless.

    The ones made by Lucius are actual people who sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Think of it like what Jack Sparrow did in Pirates 2. Jack had to find 100 souls for Davy Jones so his own sould would be spared. He went to Tortuga and searched for people who basically lost the reason to live.

    So, Lucius in our game would search for people who're willing to sacrifice themselves to save Light. After some time, he gets more crazy and he just starts manipulating people's heart, turning them to Sacrifices.

    At least, that's what I got from it.
    Well, I found a summary by Arkrend on page 11 of the story thread, where he goes with your version of why Lucius needs the fab four. After that, we're not talking about the bridges anymore, so i guess your summary was actually correct.

    We had sacrifices as people whose hearts were overcome with light, correct?
    I found something on page 50. How are we gonna implement it though? The things that are decided later seem to be decided without keeping the Brdiges their hearts in mind..
    It's hard to say, since we had all taken a break from the project for a while, and then got into a big debate about the meaning of light and darkness. I think we had decided to keep it though. I'll look for it as well
    Hmm to be honest, I forgot about that. I remember the idea but I don't remember whether or not we decided not to use it. I do think that if we decided not to use it, that the whole 'transfer of the power of the Bridges being too much for just one person' idea is the replacement of that. I also think that it might be changed because now, the fab four have more involvement in the Lucius' plan. Bottom line here is though that he cannot do it alone. Do you have an idea how long ago it has been since we discussed the Bridges being sentient? I kinda wanna check it out if we decided against it or not..
    I put up the promised Story Summary, I also suggest a small revision at the end of the story. Could you check it out and see if you agree with everything said there and check if I didn't forget something? Thanks!
    Thanks! I was thinking about something like this back when I suggested to go with a mix of both worlds but after playing FFXIII-2, it struck me that we could do something just like that and have different 'universes' intertwine with eachother.

    Of course, it would be very basic, like I said, the Heartless would be the cause of it but it gives the world a real fresh feeling imo instead of just being a rehash of Wonderland from the original KH series.
    you are probably right Inverse, with the whole thing about Darkness we've been talking about.

    Sorry if I'm coming off a little pushy or anything, I tend to when I'm tired.

    Anyways, I thank you for your appreciation for my scripts, and I really didn't notice the E in Lightning's name haha, I just kind of went on with it.
    Yeah well, I think the project will be halted for a moment due to the ton of news about DDD. But I'll try to keep you updated when new stuff has been decided, gonna miss ya in the threads, pal n.n
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