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  • Um... Since the beginning of the schoolyear, a few months back. owo
    And I actually am only a beginner. D: Gonna have to continue through second semester if I want to learn anything good. So far, it's just the basics like asking simple questions, weather, colors. Basically, the stuff ya learn in Kingergarten.

    I have no idea what that sentence there means. o_O
    It's my step-dad actually. We believe they plan on sending him to Afghanistan once we get settled in... >.>; Rather not think much on it.

    Well, it's one of those things we kinda wanna do but not sure where or when.
    Live on base with my parents and sister. o.o Not much really, perhaps see a few sites. Thing is, this is unvoluntary. So, not much is planned or thought of at this point.
    Really? I'm moving near Berlin this year. o.o Small world.

    XD Different parents, different ways of parenting. :3 Sometimes, I wonder what the heck my folks are doin' compared to other people. D:
    I already have rated M games... ._. Parents don't mind videogames but when it comes to television it's "OMG, TURN THAT OFF". Yet... I can watch South Park whenever I please XD

    You live in Europe?
    Ooh, that is a good deal. o.o

    But, I am not allowed to shop online [although my mother does it all the time...] I will keep that in mind though, for when my birthday rolls along.
    The Ps3 collection is a new kind of epic of epic proportions. Blu-ray gore :3~

    Eh... I'm gonna need a lot of moolah to purchase something like that...
    XD Epic music is epic. :3

    I've played GoW but, do no own it. I will have to get it one of these days...
    8:20 pm. Mostly hot and moist though now it's chilly and dry. Ah; Winter.

    I took computer science in high school. Then 4.5 years ago went into training for half a year at the company. Been programming professionally since then.
    Yeah, it's huge XD; which is good because it means I don't have to worry until my contract's over (and they kind of want me to stay so I'm hopeful).

    Not really. o.o I've seen parts of the game and it can be pretty intense and flashy.

    I think there's a ps3 version. I haven't seen it in person yet though.
    4.5 years now? About that long? '-'
    And not really. My division does things for inside the company. We don't tend to export. :\
    Supposedly, it's exceedingly scary and has warnings that it can cause seizures in individuals. Looks awesome from what I can find. Too bad my little comp can't handle it. ;w;
    I never could get into Metroid. I suppose it's because I'd rather have the story unfold directly like a book then have it come in snippets. o.oa

    I like God of War too, only that's another game I can't get my mitts on yet. Don't have the money nor the transport to get to the local GameStop. Devil May Cry, I've heard of it but never played it. It seems to be popular though.

    The reason I want scary games is to see if they can even scare me. X3 I love graphics and nit-picking out how those boogies in SH look is just fun for me. Dead Space isn't really a horror game though. It shocks you every once in a while but there really isn't that all out fear goin. Ever heard of the game F.E.A.R?
    Well, I played Jaws:Unleashed like a madman for a while. Shaaaarrrk~<3 Anyway, I like the early final fantasy along with games like The Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross. Yeah, I'm old-school. :B I'm really interested in the Horror genre of gaming but, alas, I have yet to claim my Silent Hill. D<

    What about you? What games are you into?
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