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  • Yeahh ngl, I spent a good while after finishing up BBS scouring doujin and fanfic circles for some primo VanVen material, mostly unsuccessfully but still, there's something about it. Like I think there's this appeal and something ~subversive~ about dark!Sora feeling emotions for pure cinnamony Ven. If it's a crackship, it's some good crack.
    Days was so interesting for me the first time I experienced it; I had always liked Roxas and enjoyed Axel in CoM but felt more ambivalent about his development in KH2, then Days came in and plugged the holes in their personas with Xion and I just fell in love with her, and as I've revisited the story she's really become the center of the series for me and the character I relate to most strongly. KH always had a lot of nostalgic attraction but Days made it feel personal, and a lot of it had to do with the sort of transcendent qualities of the Sea Salt trio. I'm not sure how it'll all end up, but seeing them reunite in some fashion is The Moment for me in KH3.
    I never really dropped the fandom, but it was definitely more quiet for a while. I'm also a lot more likely to ship a lot when friends of mine ship it with me. xD

    Oh, I can't wait for KH3 to destroy Roxas emotionally again....when he finds out that while he at least doesn't look like Sora, that part just came from someone else...it's going to hurt so much.
    And I still hope he and Riku can somehow get redemption from each other for what happened.
    I had ditched KH for a while, and suddenly, there's no escaping again. >_>

    Oh my god, RPGS!!! The time of my life. Sometimes I kinda miss it. xD It was so time-consuming, but there's nothing like going back and re-reading the hundreds or thousands of posts. ;_;
    I've got my hopes up for both. Nomura loves his character connections. There's no reason for Sora not to meet Vanitas and be like "excuse me??????"
    Ohh, well I guess it's best to forget some old stuff, but I always like looking back to see my improvements (although there's things I just can't look at anymore without being ashamed xD).

    I guess I got pretty lucky on BBS back then. I wasn't spoiled on it in any way, so everything about it, albeit flawed, was all "WOAH, REALLY? WOAH!" and then I finished and and woooooohhhhh watch me go down the drain of shipping.
    I really have my hopes up for KH3, too. Hopefully Nomura doesn't forget that Vanitas has some fans out there who don't want him to replay his role from BBS and otherwise be...well, characterless. I'm not too scared for Ven, tho. He'll sure get his time.
    Yeah I agree. Unless its kinda proven "not canon", I'll definitely take it - there's hardly anything else anyway.

    Tbh I can't really recall what I read, but I definitely remembered the name there. xD
    Obsession gets it well...I've been shipping this ever since BBS released and there's no end in sight. ;_; But there's so little stuff there sadly.
    Oh, "just relaxing" can sometimes be the best thing, too!

    I mean I don't know if Nomura has much input, but I always think they wouldn't necessarily write and sell something that he could be very...unhappy with. So I really have my hopes up.

    By the way, in the KH Q&A thread, your post (regarding ships) FINALLY rang a bell about why your nickname is so familiar! No name-calling, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it on some other page (well-written VanVen is my favorite thing ever ). IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.
    I don't mind at all! It's actually funny, I was going to comment on how much I loved your responses to the shipping questions too, haha! AkuRokuShi is always the correct answer. And who isn't here for VanVen, I mean, rules are meant to be broken, eh?
    My holiday season is alright, how about yours?
    That's kind of the way I like to see it as well. Might as well see it as canon as long as Nomura doesn't scream "NO!!!". I've definitely got my hopes up to see him again in future installments.
    Indeed, that was me who met you on Discord, and before that I knew you here briefly.

    I left those KH discords though, I might rejoin the subreddit one.
    Hey thats totally fine! xD Life usually gets in the way.
    And yeah, entirely. His treatment in BBS was rather mediocre but taking the novels into consideration (I don't care if they're canon or not - they are to me!), I just love this character so much.
    (Also his voices are both incredibly sexy :D)
    It was Sora and Riku. :D
    Both were drawn by the user catcake. <3 She's the most amazing artist ever yo. AND VANITAS IS BEST. ♥
    Pretty active. And hyped for some upcoming movies. Can't wait to get my new bookshelf too ^^

    Btw do you have any anime/manga recommendations?
    Here're mine just in case:
    Madoka Magica(especially this)
    Ao no Exorcist
    Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
    Angel Beats
    Soul Eater
    Black Rock Shooter
    Iris Zero
    Gin no Saji
    The World Only God Knows
    Hana-saku Iroha
    And yeah but everything else was pretty average lol How be you?
    /人◕‿‿ ◕人\
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