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  • I'm sorry. :/ I suppose that happens as time goes by so long we don't see each other that much..

    You two seemed so happy together, from what I remember in the club in and out.
    Yeah, it has been some time since we last talked. And that is wonderful! I bet your place is cool and filled with stuff that reflects you. :3

    So, what have you been up to? Still talking to Blades these days?
    I've been okay, trying tonget my life together myself. :) Yeah, I know. It hasn't really been the same without them. :(

    That's great you guys are back together again! See, he did get back to you! I'm sure he'll get back to you soon and if your really afraid he might try to break up with you again I think it's best if you convey your feelings to him next time you guys talk so he won't feel the need to do so again. He said he didn't want to disappoint you and that's why he broke up with you before, so I think you should try to get those thoughts out of his head as I'm really sure he will if you talk to him about it. ^^ I do hope you guys can at some point work some way out to live together eventually. :')

    I can't remember if you do or not, but do you know a person named Cinder on here? Sorry, it's been so long since I've been on the forums that I can barely recall any of our friends. :( But I've known her since I first started coming to these forums and she's a really nice person to talk to. Even though she doesn't come on very often anymore due to real life responsibilities I'm sure she'd be more than happy to make friends with you! Also, another friend of mine, Roxie 1563 is a really great person, too that I'm sure you'd get along with! I'm not sure if either of them are into cosplay, but you can try to talk to them about it if you want. They may be/get really interested in it! ^U^ And I'm sorry to hear you had to death a bunch of asshats like that on the Cosplay site; it's no wonder nobody goes on or even talks there. The girl there must scare them off. =.= And your not negative, if you were then Blade and I would have said something about it a long time ago! XD Your a positive person. You may worry a little too much sometimes, but that's normal since EVERYONE does that like you just said. The insecure thing I mean, so don't worry about what a bunch a fools think about you. So long as you don't think your negative then that's all that matters! Don't let a bunch of dicks get you down, Kaga! :D And please! If people are telling you you won't get far in life than that just means you need to try harder to prove them wrong! Just think about rubbing your future success in their faces and remember, they're just words and they can't really hurt you. Block out all the idiots in your life and focus on the little positives you have. Then I'm sure you'll become the person you know you can be! ^u^

    Yeah, I think so long as you get to participate in the things you love every once in awhile should be enough if you can't afford to go frequently to comic con and cosplay events for awhile. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time at Anime Midwest. ^^ Your dress has a really long name, but it must be wonderful and prettty outfit with a name like that. XD Haven't looked up lolita wear in years... :') Misako Aoki sounds like a really beautiful person and it's great that all the other lolita cosplayers were really kind too you! How was the rest of Anime Midwest, btw? And what did you get to do in your cosplay while there? :D Imma have to look up Misako later! ^^
    Hey Kaga, how've you been doing? I just wanted to pop in and see if you've been doing ok. It's been awhile since we last talked and I hope your life has gotten a little better since then.

    Also, though I probably shouldn't mention it again since I'm not sure if it hurt you or not when I said it before, but I hope you and Blade can one day get back together. :')

    Also, though I can't completely understand what you've been going through, you can talk to me whenever like either just to hang out or to just let off some steam. Though we're online, I do consider you and Blade are my friends and I hate seeing my friends suffering. So don't hesitate to talk to me if you need to.
    I see, that really sad. :'( Though try to keep your spirits up, Kaga, because who knows, he may pop up one day either calling you or vming you here! Once he gets things in order with his life, I'm sure he'll contact you again. He most likely still has your number and everything, so don't feel sad okay. Life can be really cruel, but you just gotta keep pushing forward. That's what ny parents to me all the time. ^^
    Do you and Blade still stay in contact; if not, maybe at least that could help you get though the day better. :( Same, unless your a good friend I do the same thing. Would it be possible for you to stay with Blade if you make enough money?
    I'm really sorry to hear your life is going so badly. :'( You don't having anything going for you right now, like school or something to get you away from all that stuff for a bit at least?

    Hope one day you can show off to your family how wrong they are. No dad should treat their children that way, especially one who could really use their help! :mad:
    Hey Kaga, I didn't know you had sent me a message back on a count of myself disappearing again, but hope you were able to find a new place to live again. Also, since your shorter with the type of physical description you gave me, wouldn't you need to be more assertive/out spokeb? I think if you try your hardest and speak up with confidence people will take you seriously! :D
    It sure is noisy outside of my apartment. I always think that I am the loud one and they are just being loud in retaliation towards me. It's probably me being paranoid.
    How are you doing today? I am considering getting supplies for a PS3 that I won or Alpha Sapphire. Which one should I go for?
    Happy late birthday! XD Are you upset or something because your getting older? XD New apartment...You live in an apartment? Sorry, I'm drawing a blank...sort of... Did you live with your sister and mom in your last apartment and one of them got mad at you over a coffee cup or something. I vaguely remember a either you or someone else here told me that. Again, sorry. It has just been awhile. ^^;
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