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  • Ah I see, so you're like Sora and Ven in the regard of the more friends the better. ^__^

    It's already 20 years since the first Toy Story? o_0
    I start to feel old, lol.
    Thanks for the friend request. I have a picture that I am working on. It's a Pokemon picture. Here is my thread and I think I came a long way since my first picture.

    My Pumpkaboo/Fennekin picture seems to be pretty popular.
    Ok, I guess. A little bit tired, considering it's 3 am. XD; And my sister's back for Columbus Day.
    It's ok. I was just worried about you. I guess I worried you too... So, what have you been up to?
    Hey Kagy, I'm here. Sorry I was gone so long, I was pretty busy with the move. I PMed you. :c
    Well, we'll get things right soon ^_^ Don't worry.

    Those things I can understand, but they really have a Hello Kitty rifle? xD;
    Tanabata Day? :3

    Yeah, I'm definitely sure there will be a little of everything advertised xD
    XD; Yeah, and it seems like way too much money being put into it. Unless that includes money for all the merchandising too lol.

    Sure ^^ And awesome ^_^ That's fine, you needed a good treat :)
    Love you too :3

    So what do you think? I'm actually surprise they haven't made a movie yet lol.
    Oh, and I dunno if you might be a little excited by this xD Hello Kitty Animated Movie in the Works - IGN
    So will I. Considering that I have about 10 dollars in small change, I'm still very low :( I guess it's a start though. Once it stops raining and the 4th is over with I'll be mowing grass and doing whatever I can to get a job going. I really want us to spend the holidays together.
    Our move was delayed, and things are kinda messed up at the moment. That's why I've been on and off at weird times lately. Trying to do small things to get money, and saving back every penny I can.
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