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  • Yeah, definitely so. Most people were under the impression that they've actually been working on KH3 since nuber 2 came out, when in reality they only started a year or two ago. :3 Don't worry, I have to suffer a delay too, since the Wii U Zelda game was moved to 2016.
    Oh... Well then, maybe it will turn out better than they thought it would? At least I have one thing less to buy.
    Sad to say it'll be a lot longer than that. :( If you're going by what it says on Amazon, the December date is always a placeholder when we don't know when it'll release. They actually still have a bit of work to do. Maybe next year. Until then though, we have lots of discussing to do about it x3
    Thanks. ^^

    Ok... I never mean to make you jealous...

    I can't believe it's only six months away!
    I'll make sure to help you remember stuff when I'm with you :3

    x3 It's fine sweety, fangirl away.

    It's very possible! And we'll be hearing more in a few months I think :)
    Ah ok. I wondered what happened to ya :3

    True, but now they'll look different because of the new graphics. :3 I wonder if Riku will still have short hair like in DDD?

    Yeah xD; Oh, maybe she'll be the extra party character for that world? And use the frying pan and her hair to fight?
    True xD; If they weren't it would be weird. And Young Eraqus and Xehanort in the trailer :3 Now we just have to wait to see what Riku, Kairi, Lea, Ventus, Roxas, and the rest look like.

    Maybe he can! xD Of course, he wouldn't need to, seeing as he can just run up the tower wall. lol. I wonder if Donald or somebody will be smacked in the face with Rapunzel's frying pan? xDDD
    I dunno, they haven't announced much more than this stuff.
    - Sora, Donald, and Goofy are back
    - the three worlds featured in the trailer were Mount Olympus (expanded from the Hercules world, with rocky cliffs and greek columns), a world based on Tangled, and Twilight Town
    - new Heartless, including some based on dandelions.
    - attraction flow, upgraded from ormal flowmotion, where special attacks and stuff become based on Disney park rides
    - Sora's keyblade can transform into other weapons.

    Here's the trailer love <3

    It's still early in development so it might change after a bit more work, but there is what they showed. :3

    And lol xD
    True. At least you shouldn't have to go there too often xD;

    Pretty much. Have you seen Sora's new outfit?
    Mmm I love that too.

    Well, go ahead and take care of everything you need to ^_^

    Oh, the new Zelda game might interest you, at least a bit more than other ones because part of the gameplay involves picking different outfits to have powerups in the levels xD; haha.
    One of them, along with corn, carrots, peas, and potatoes :D

    Nope, I mostly just get ranch dressing x3
    Same here, peanut butter or ranch is the best with it. Most of those I'm fine with too :3
    Haha celery is good too :3

    Well, I don't like pickles all that much, though I can eat them. I can eat onions and don't mind them but usually don't get them.
    I don't have any problem with vegetables. I always prefer having at least something like that every meal. :) When I can anyway. And I always get lettuce on my burgers lol. I love Asian salads! :eek:
    Haha xD That sounds pretty awesome actually. *gets you a fresh salad* :3 I'd share all of that with you.
    Oh, what kind of food did you order? :3 And yum, a salad actually sounds good right now. I just had a sandwich and chips. xD
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