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  • Nothing much. My phones dead so, I can't call people to make plans. Just been on KHI and watching movies.

    I already posted. A rather good post.
    Hello. What's up?

    When the rp starts, let me post first. Imma post this really cool training between Lissa and Cort.
    I needed to get to bed anyway... It was almost midnight here...good news is I can sleep in because I got a spare first period of the day... don't have to go in until 9:30
    I can play Keyboard, Bass, and regular six-string guitar... I can also play drums... depending on what songs...
    no... but my acoustic looks alot like one finish-wise... The only thing I know about it is that's it's a Segovia model...

    I was taught by my Dad, as was my Charrie... and I'm also kinda self-taught...
    no she's still being a blond BEOTCH... well I posted again. but it's mostly just Renn's rants.

    By the way... irl... I am Renn... I look like him and we're alot alike, I'm not a genius but I am very book smart, I play guitar but not as good as him... he's everything I wish to be possibly
    I'm referring to while you were gone that I was going to try taking down Larxene in KH:Re:CoM.
    Oh so o o o o o oo o sorry, ive been so busy with exam, i guess i just forgot, thanks for reminding me. I'll get a post up asap
    Yep yep. No problem. This shall be fun. When the rps starts, i'll post something about them training.
    Happens. lol

    Well I was thinking that my character once stumbled into Liassa and her sister's shelter once and he was critically injured. They helped him so, he acts as a protector of sorts and he trains Liassa since he's a martial arts master.
    I see you haven't made any friends so, I introduce myself.

    In the Solace in Night KH rp, I was wondering if you mind if our characters already know eachother within the rp?
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