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  • Ali, its been a while. Got back a few weeks ago from a 4-5 month hiatus.....without internet! It was like being in a dessert without water!

    and you play chess online?! I do too, we gotta have a match someday. :D
    At least one our day's wasn't a complete lost. But a nice dinner and a movie at our place is still a nice way to spend Valentines day.
    Well badly. My girlfriend was sick for valentines day and I had the whole day planned out for us. *sighs* But I'm taking care of her right now. She's slowly recovering.
    That depends. Are you? If not then I'll avoid all inspections of you following me around like a lost lamb.
    Looks like it. That is until I try to make one of my RP's that is. I might go with Fairy Tail, Pokemon, or Prototype. I'm always a Canon RP maker. Never made an original before.
    Hey can you post up in the RP were in? I'm not sure if it's your turn to post up or not but I'm getting tired of waiting right now.
    Okay, I was just curious that's all. My brother has a girlfriend as well and I was making sure you weren't trying to flirt with him or anything.
    Well it's just that you guys been talking a lot and from your conversations I thought there was some sort of connection between you two. Like your more than just friends perhaps.
    So far the RP is going off to a good start. We've already made it to page 3 but everyone is still going on about them being ship wrecked and trying to fine those who survived the boat crash. Hope at least one of us meets up with the natives. I.E. Perhaps you and I might meet. *grins*
    But I'm not talking about templates. I actually thought these guys up way before the RP's.......Well not Xeon. He was created when in a RP but I've been developing him time after time.
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