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  • Pssh, YEAH!

    I'm keeping Spoiler free though. Only ads and scans I'll look at, otherwise...

    Which is kind of annoying when my youtube keeps on posting "secret ending" in "recommended for you" and "others favorited"
    Ooh, fun! I hope your team wins! What's the paper about?

    Yeah, I do. I may end up replaying it so I can master all the jobs (which means things will take forever again)

    I know! I preordered already. I want that poster....
    Hello, my husband.

    I wanted to ask how everything was and to thank you again for recommending FFTA2. I've got 50 quests left and I don't really want it to end.
    I've been fine. Just studying and writing. Day 3 is up, but now it's time for Larxene and 14.

    School, I'm looking forward to English and Archaeology. (and 358 of course)

    I didn't do too much either, just work at my (boring, underused) summer job)
    No, I don't think so either.

    But at one meeting, late at night, I just suddenly had this "I can totally see where Rita Skeeter is getting her ideas from" moment.

    It may be son, but you just get a feeling...

    Very true... particularly in the Burrow Scene though.

    Me too. But when you know Dumbledore is gay, it is kind of creepy...
    I didn't go to a midnight, but my brother did. It was rather fun.

    Actually, the only midnight I went to was the fifth one. When Sirius appeared in the Department of Mysteries and punched out Lucius, everyone in the theater cheered. We knew he was going to die in 5 minutes, but we still cheered.
    For me, if you took it as a movie, it was quite good. If you compare it to the book... not so much.

    Still, LOVE Luna. And I was mad at the Burrow stuff.
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