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  • Hi there good sir.

    I think I posted on the thread that was made for the fangame. However, I'm currently working on my own full-fledged 3D Kingdom Hearts game, so I dunno how I would join you guys on that.
    I use most of my time for programming, modeling, texturing, animating, rigging, designing and so on.
    If you still are interested in me joining, you can just grab my Skype address and chat through text with me about it. :)
    Hey! I didn't know you were on KHInsider. This is Thamauturge, the one that you were helping a couple of days ago.
    Thanks for answering my question! :) I just have one more. If I make new save files on BBS:FM, will the patch work? If that's not the case, I'd love to have 3 save files of the tutorial in the Land of Departure (the save point before you get to select your character) and then receive the Final and Secret Episodes save files once I've been prompted to make them.
    Hey Truthkey - I know that you're very busy working on projects and whatnot, but I have a question about the BBS:FM English patch.

    I heard that you're working on version 1.0.4 and I was wondering if I can install that on my PSP when I already have 1.0.3 implemented. I read that you only have to replace some of the files if you're looking to upgrade the patch; is this true?
    That's pretty impressive if I may say so. The character model also looked pretty nice there although it wasn't finished yet. You should really continue on that man, it looks good :D
    I don't think KHI would be up for a 1-man project as everything would depend on me. Anyways, they would probably be up for it if I showed them I can really do it, so I will work on my own game first.

    I will keep you updated of the project if something is done.
    Some months ago I started programming a Dissidia-like KH game. I began creating the whole system and stuff as you can see in the following pictures:


    However I stopped developing it because I was alone at it. I was the programmer, composer, modeler, animator, texturer and everything in the project... but I might as well re-program it from the beginning.
    Too bad ;/. Why won't they let you do it though?

    As you were saying, if things things would take 3-4 months when all the work like models and such is done. We are doing a lot of that work already + I already thought it would be nice if we would search for VA's for the characters so maybe that'll be done too in the future?

    Ooh, be sure to keep me updated on that! :D
    It's not really that hard... the big problem about making a game is getting the resources more than actually programming the whole system. Creating the models, textures, animations, maps, voices, script, etc... that's what really takes time.

    If all that was done I don't think it would take me more than 3-4 months to program the whole thing. Anyways, the game would be getting updated for improvements and stuff. Too bad it won't happen.
    I'm planning to make a KH by myself though.
    Hmmm... Would they really have something against it if you did? But that would take a LONG time for you man, just rendering the whole thing by yourself :p.

    It would be nice though, after all the work we all put in it to actually see something get real :p
    Damn, that Ven voice is as good as always. I don't like that Terra much, sincerelly.

    @king_mickey rule
    I could make the game, but that's not what KHI wants.
    You seemed to like my video, so what are your thoughts on this one? YouTube - ‪Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Volume 2): The Follow Up‬‏
    Hey, I read in the KHI makes a KH game thread (the one with the plot) that you can render 3d stuff? That's so cool! :D

    Do you have some stuff like that posted somewhere?
    Yeah, but just for a short time. I was part of the translation team that translated scans and stuff. lol.
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