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    Im trying to be nice to the people who accept my friend request or are thinking about accepting it but some people made up their mind and they dont want to be my friend and I dont like those people and they shouldnt send me VM`s. Btw thanks for accepting the friend request!
    Cool, no rush, I was just curious. Also, I'd also like to know how far you are. If you're pass chapter 22 you're good, if you're in the chapters before you're good but the chapters before ch. 22 are to me just sad. and the ones after have more action in it.

    Hehe, no rush, finish when you can, I only ask that you tell me how you like it at the very end.

    And don't forget Ikari, the prequel, have fun with that one, the other guys think it's cool but it's nothing like the other one.
    That's the beauty of youtube,
    In all honesty, im just purely angry with my broadcasting network for them to keep with holding house eps from me!
    Well as far as Im aware there's only one,
    it's called "House md ORIGINAL SOUNTRACK"
    I haven't heard of there being a new one, but then again, im from Australia, word just might not have reached here lol.
    The band is called "Band from TV" there a band made up of mostly TV stars from different shows, and they play at concerts for charity purposes. XD
    Ok, I don't mind but which story are you on again? Riku and Mai right, I just need to be sure. But take your time, I'm not rushing you.^^
    My fave song on there is "You can't always get what you want"
    Cause its the version played by the band that both Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer play in. So it's just... pure awesome! I like the Sax part the most though...
    I got my CD from just our major music store here, in the sountrack section.
    I think it must have been there nearly FOREVER the case was fair scratched up.
    But I mean good luck finding it, you might find it on Ebay if you like shopping online but if you're like me, then i would just ask you music stores if they know of, and possdibly get a copy in...
    Thanks, sorry I haven't talk to you in a while, i was busy with other stuff. So uh... darn it, you read all of the chapters?

    If not it's okay I'm just curious.
    Im... How shall we say... OBSESSED!
    I mean, I watch it all on youtube because I can't wait for the episodes to show up in my country, (Our tv station is slack) I mean it's only a week later, but the channel doesn't understand HOUSE, they make it sound like a cheesy soap, which makes me want to tare my hair out!
    So I keep up to date with it when it comes out in the States. lol.
    I also own all the seasons so far on DVD, (Except 5. but you know, that's a little impossible to own it yet) and the Original Sound track lol.
    Basically House makes me happy!
    Sorry for just coming out of nowhere, I was looking at the member's list and saw Riku and clicked it without think...
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