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  • Ever seen these?

    I feel both nostalgic and entertained. haha :biggrin:
    Hello!!! =D Thanks. You seemed like an interesting person to talk to from the comments I saw in one of my threads. ^_^
    I'm back on people! Sorry it's been forever! I moved to texas. And if ur wondering I haven't giv up on writing but I ran out of personal time for a while. I have tons of free time now. So if u need to contact me email me and I'll get bak to u rite away.


    This is my public email so I hope "hear" from ya'll soon :)
    Hey! I saw your thread about moving to Canada:) Did you decide? I'm canadian so I can pretty much answer any first hand questions you might want:)
    we're streaming harry potter and the philosopher's stone live on our channel, so join us!

    khinsider - live streaming video powered by Livestream
    LoL! I'm sorry! Yeah... I've slowed down on the fan fics cuz I have a bf *falls over and dies of happiness* It's the end of the world I tell you!!!! haha! but I've started rewriting one of my fics cuz I feel like it's going no where and I'm working on some others... and I have this HUGE one planed for summer.... I can see it now.... I'm gonna be writing every day.... that's how long it is... T~T... LoL!
    Me! where have you been! XD
    I've just been settling into high school (It's freakin tiring!) and comming on, I've gone deep into rp's now, but fanfic are still ma thing lol. Anyway, happy new year (Although thats a looooooooooong time ago) Heck it's nearly me B-day! (Horray!) *Crowd going wild in background* WILL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!! *Crowd runs away*
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