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KH3 for the wii
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  • :(

    It's not that all of them are annoying though. It's just that it's impossibleto get to know them.
    I see what you mean.. Don't really feel like being on here so much anymore either... I'm usually here to just talk to friends. But I don't feel like I fit in in any cliques here anymore and I find it hard to get to know all the new people... But I'm still visiting though.
    Hey! Are you still alive? Haven't seen you around like...forever!

    How are you?
    YES I AGREE COMPLETELY! Go zelda forever, and ill look at the forum, but i can only handle khi for now, but ill look dude.
    Oh ok its cool, if you do get a chance that would be great, but if not then its ok.
    Hey could you make me a sig, I don't care what picture you use. Coudl I have a Neku one from The World Ends With You. could you make one just likes yours, dark and then light.
    Oh I heard about that episode! Saw alittle of it too, now I remember but I had to catch up! Gahhhh I have to catch up to Heroes as well! D:
    It's been two weeks since I'm missing it!
    Yeah, my cousins girlfriend is a make-up artist/hair stylist, and she works there :3
    Yes :D

    I just need to get someone to worl for me a couple of hours while I'm at audition. And I hope that I am looking young enough for the role.
    Not much. Did I tell you about my background role in that soap serie?

    Well, I'll might go on an audition for a real role in the sere :D
    Hey thar Bryan, dude who's the freaky guy in your avvy? O.O I wanna say it's Gaara....or something but not too sure! XD
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