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  • KingdomheartsII, my buddy, how are things? Got a favour to ask of you.
    I'm going around asking a bunch of random people to try and figure out what kind of stuff they'd like to see here at KHI; things that they'd like to do, what improvements they think can be made, etc.

    Mind if I ask for your input? :3
    Ohh ic ic. Yes it was a horrible time. Well good luck with it, hope you deliver a bomb ass essay. Damn I've been out of school for so long, If I were to compile an essay it'd proly be riddled with format errors lol.
    Hey there! I saw your post in the world thread (KHI makes a game). Nice drawing but we kinda voted Monster Inc. out of the game. The final World List can be found in the OP's of some threads.

    Sorry that you did all the work for nothing!
    I saw that someone posted on your thread to maybe consider anti depressants...NOOO!!! please trust me they don't work for everyone and aren't good for you!. There truly are natural, holistic ways to do so. In studies, they have shown that while on the anti depressant they are fine, but once off of it the depression comes right back(lets not form a dependency or addiction). There's been a lot of research proving that anti depressants are neurologically harmful, which since it's yo brain, it makes it completely harmful. The only true and real way is to mentally change/do it yourself.
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