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  • cool right?? i think if you click on the cc button on that one..it will give you translations..though I'm not sure.. :O
    ehh i got bored... so i got off the site..i do want to see when she is olympus coliseum and Zack asks her out... ^-^ though she is still in Enchanted Dominion...
    haha i would love to have a match with you..if only gamecube had wifi...I'm pretty good with everyone..would have a match on your hands... ^-^
    yes in melee he was my best character..along with jigglypuff and zelda..i like jigglypuff because you can do lots of random damage..or more so continuous damage...i'm guessing your pretty good at Melee?? :D
    he's just very fast..i always seemed very good with Ness and Jigglypuff..yes i tend to be good with the crappy characters... >_>
    haha really? young link? i always found him rather annoying.. he's very tough to beat in the hands of a master...
    most likely not....at least she's pretty good in Melee and Brawl though..one of my faves... :)
    yep...zelda is just the damsel in distress..at least she has major importance in that one new link game..where she helps you and stuff..
    yeah they shouldn't have made a ps3...yeah i love those kind of games..especially the Smash Bros series... i have like all of them.. :)
    still have my old systems too...just haven't whipped them out to play them..but yeah games were way more fun back then..
    ohh.. yeah wii gets boring sometimes..i don't have an xbox 360 so i don't really know..wii is better if you have lots of siblings..though xbox 360 is more the hardcore gaming system..
    ohh i get ya know...you still playing your gamecube? :D
    i wonder where mine is..lol
    haha you sure ranted a lot there..sounds like you really don't like it.. :D
    what are you playing it on your n64? or do they have it on wii already?
    ohh Majora's Mask? i've never played that game..always wanted to though..is it really that hard? more so then Ocarina of Time?
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