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    KH2 INTRO Hi Quality FMV English!!!

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    Voice Acting in KHII Sucks!!

    That's what I've been saying >_>"
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    Voice Acting in KHII Sucks!!

    Holy Jezuz Convention! What is up with people and their constant complaining about the voice acting...?! I, myself, dont give two shits about the voice acting...I'm just glad they even HAVE voice acting (god...its the Sonic Game Voice Actors being replaced by the Sonic X Cast all over again...
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    Burger King (this is FUNNY sh*t) XD

    I found this on Limewire yesterday (thats why its uploaded and its not from a site). Its from a show called Comedy Central Presents and the comedian who did this was Dane Cook. Enjoy! XD Enjoy! XD
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    BHK's two partners...

    Then just get Ness instead *shot* XD Personaly, I think yea Max would be a good one, and reasonable. But I CANNOT imagine PJ as a mage O.o
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    Awight! 800 Posts, baby ^^

    this is my 800th post so XP not too long b4 I get to being a premium member XP
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    Gimme My Change B****

    O.O wow.......now thats something you dont see everyday O.O still helarious though XDDDDDDD http://www.collegeslackers.com/forum/index.php?act=videos&code=06&vid=39
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    This Just In!

    ok the way this works is that you find a pic, flash, or whatever and talk about it as though your a news reporter (make it funny, thats what im aiming for, this is a comedy game XD) Oh! and dont forget to rate the above "forcaster's forecast" also (boy, that was reduntant) XD Example (This is...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    Thank You! Anyway NEW CHAPTER!!!! Chapter 16 Triad Fight As I walked away from the rest of the group, I had a bad feeling about what might happen next. I turned to the rest of the group, gave them the thumbs up and continued to walk off. “I sure hope he gets Shadow so we can get the hell out...
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    Ask Nightmare (klclodi13) and Crew

    its like Ask Jeeves or whatever, only its me and the rest of the gang. The questions can get as crazy as you want them to be, one of us would even give weird answers too. Uh....guys.....can we give them an example? Sure! *pretends to be some poster* Shadow, Will the sun explode? I don't care...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    Sorry to double post, but Nightmare asked me to save the topic Please People, Nightmare would really like more reviews
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    Describe the Poster Above You

    its really easy, all you have to do is come up with one thing that describes the poster above you. here is an example.....uh guys? Sure! Likes to type in Magenta Is an angel Is a Holy Knight Is Nightmare's Best Friend IS SEXY!!!!!! (See what I mean? Have fun :D)
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    YAYZ!!!! ANOTHER READER!!!! Here is the next chapter Chapter 15: The Raid When everyone came, Me, Rouge, Sonic, and Tails explained the situation, though I was the one that did most of the talking. When everyone heard this they knew immediately what they were up against, probably cause they...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    O.o ooookkaaaayyy then, NEW CHAPTER!!!!!! Chapter 14: The Search Me and Rouge ran back to Sonic and Tails’ House in the Mystic Ruins so Tails can do a search on Shadow’s whereabouts. When we got there, we burst through the doorway and Sonic and Tails immediately jumped at the site of us...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    NEW CHAPTER!!!!! its fairly short though Chapter 13: Farther Away Me and Shadow both charged and Genji; Me taking a swing at him with my sword while Shadow taking a kick at him with Chaos Energy fused with the kick. We both nailed him in the back, but Genji immediately stood up and swung his...